Lounge Interior Design | Na Sala Lounge | Belo Horizonte | Brazil | Gustavo Penna Arquiteto Associados

Giant lamp sets the atmosphere in the new naSala .

naSala recaptures its “home” feel as was originally conceived, with red velvet curtains, quilted sofas, ornaments and other items that form a true to life living room. The façade looks like a red leather sofa on metallic feet, transitioning the parking area to the luxurious and welcoming internal area.......more

2011 Clever Halloween Centerpieces Ideas

Use these centerpiece ideas as inspiration for your next Halloween party or as festive additions to your home to add some fright to your holiday table .
i hope you like it .. Enjoy  !!

Halloween Glass Vases 

Glass block vases become one-of-a-kind Halloween centerpieces with die cuts and spooky scrapbook paper (available at crafts stores). To make, use spray adhesive to attach the papers; (spray the back of the paper, not the glass, to avoid streaks). Place sand and tapered candles inside the vase for a haunting glow. 
Editor's Tip: Use clear plastic blocks in lieu of glass vases. Be sure to nix the candles or opt for battery-powered versions.

Black and Orange Halloween Candles 

Wrap decorative scrapbook paper around large orange and black candles to create this simple Halloween centerpiece. An orange table runner makes the black candle pop, overturned black bowls add height to the decoration, and black spiders and white Halloween candies add creepy-crawly fun at the base. 
Editor's Tip: Be sure to keep an eye on how fast your candles burn, and trim scrapbook paper accordingly.

Raven Urn Centerpiece 

You need only a few household items and a little nature to create this haunting-yet-simple Halloween centerpiece. Gather knotted, rustic sticks from your yard or neighborhood to place in a basic urn, and add bits of moss to get the fright just right. Use free clip art to trace and cut out ominous black ravens from construction paper -- the finishing touch for this Halloween centerpiece.

Candleholder Goblets Display 

Thrift-store glasses become centerpiece-ready with a coat of black spray paint. Choose textural goblets for the most detail, set them upside down to spray-paint, and tape a few to preserve the tops. Touch up any edges with a black permanent marker after the goblets dry. Note that after decorating the goblets they are meant for display only. 
Editor's Tips:
Use sand to raise your votives to desired height.
Place the goblets on a black tray or a mirror embellished with spray paint to make the centerpiece both cohesive and portable.

"Boo" Embroidery Hoop Centerpiece

Basic embroidery hoops set a spooky scene at your Halloween table. To make, stretch black costume fabric or lace through the painted hoops; trim extra fabric. Next, spray-paint planters for bases, then add enough florist's foam inside to secure a painted dowel through the middle. Finish with a square of black-and-white patterned paper atop the planters and a hauntingly fun message spelled out in painted wood letters. Hot glue can help secure the dowels and wood letters.

Ribbon Spool Stackers 

Colorful spools of ribbon display equally eye-catching desserts. Place scallop-edge die cuts (available at crafts stores or cut from a die-cutting tool) between the ribbon spools with a touch of adhesive to ensure stability. Top with a decadent treat for a sugary-sweet Halloween centerpiece. 
Editor's Tip: Arrange the spools in a cluster around an accent piece, such as a colorful vase, or in a straight line on a table runner to maximize creativity.

White Pumpkins on Black Stands

Pumpkins painted white and covered in glitter stand out when placed on stark black stands. Use double-sided tape or an adhesive spray to get just the right amount of shine for this glitzy Halloween centerpiece.

Recycled Halloween Centerpiece 

Scrapbook papers and floral accents are all it takes to "upcycle" yesterday's tin cans into a "green" Halloween centerpiece. Standard- and economy-size tin cans work well for this craft, although the more varied the sizes, the more intriguing the display. Wrap with scrapbook paper or add die-cut scenes or stickers as desired. 
Editor's Tip: Keep the cans for next year, or give them away to guests as simple mementos of a frightful night.

Ghost Book Pop-Ups

A stack of old books forms the stand in this spooky centerpiece. To make, cut two basic ghost shapes from pages in the middle of a book, leaving the bottoms attached to their pages. Hold up each ghost with a touch of tape. To complete, use a hole punch or marker to make eyes for this haunting centerpiece.

Chalked Skeleton Centerpiece

Spray-paint Halloween props with black chalkboard paint, then outline them with chalk for frightfully aged flair. Fill the cauldron with a decorative bottle, handpicked beverage, or a tasty Halloween treat.

Fast Food Restaurant Interior Design | McDonald | Europe | UXUS Design

McDonald’s commissioned UXUS to create an inspiring, playful, educational and entertaining children’s area within McDonald’s restaurants. The area, no bigger than 20 m2, expresses the corporate theme of “what I eat, what I do.” The concept replaces the existing “ball pit” play area in all European restaurants and creates an activity “Village” in which kids can play and learn about food..........more

Sales Office Interior Design | 7 Affiliate Sales offices | Sydney | Australia | Dreamtime

Located in a new shore building abutting the heritage Jones Bay finger Wharves, 7 Affiliate Sales offices features recycled brick-clad walls and columns, recycled timber plank flooring, rusted stairs and an acoustical sprayed ceiling. In addition, theatrical lighting, a stereo system befitting a night-club, blackboard painted entry foyer as well as the 1st floor café / bar with its’ central fireplace and adjacent boardroom. For senior management a series of rusted cages provide privacy while allowing for relatively un-obstructed views of Sydney Harbour. A rusted-metal clad water feature at the office’s entrance with 12 LCD screens under water display many of Network 7’s programmes.....more

Advertising Firm Interior Design | SHR Perceptual Management | Arizona | USA | Morphosis

This egalitarian scheme for a sixty-person advertising, design, and marketing firm reinterprets conventions of status, corporate culture, and productivity. The architecture supports and expresses the collective nature of creative intellectual capital – SHR’s product. A team-based organizational strategy replaces the traditional workplace hierarchy; concurrently, a shift occurs from cellular, individual spaces to hybrid space at the service of the increasingly collective product. Based on the need for both privacy and team interaction, distinct architectural gestures define functional zones within the existing "U" of raw, nondescript office space........more

Chungmuro Intermedia Playground | Seoul | Korea | Mass Studies

The existing space is a long tunnel/corridor connecting two parts of the Chungmuro station. We wanted to exploit the linear quality of the space/movement and a simultaneous experience of depth and amplitude by creating a kaleidoscopic space, allowing both the idea of passage (travel) and destination (arrival) to exist simultaneously. The compositional elements in a kaleidoscope move to create different mirrored patterns viewed from a static point. In the project the occupant provides the movement; the project pieces and other occupants reconfigure themselves in relation the viewer creating a multi-direction, boundless and dynamic interactive experience..........more

House Interior Design | Old Greenwich | Connecticut | Axis Mundi Design

John Beckmann was responsible for designing the interiors of a newly constructed "shingle style" house, located on Long Island Sound. The design is contextual, mixing some of the clients existing furniture with new pieces while respecting the traditionalist design that is native to the region. The dining table was custom designed by John Beckmann and fabricated in South Africa. The carpet was designed by Christopher Farr. The painting is by James Nares..........more

Cafetaria Interior Design | The Nestlé Cafeteria | Beijing | China | EXH Design

The Nestlé Cafeteria is a room extended on the roof terrace as a winter garden. It has a beautiful view, but the biggest problem is too much sunlight. We were inspired by the grape trellis of the Xinjiang minorities, where the people enjoy the cool in high summer, sitting on carpets and served food and wine; this links exactly with Nestle as a food company. In the same way we make the ceiling fully hanged with layers of plexi-glass leaves as sunshade, to provide a nice space to escape.......more

Exhibition Interior Design | Swiss National Exhibition Expo.02 | Holzer Kobler Architekturen

The goal of Swiss National Exhibition Expo.02 was to define Switzerland as a place. In this context the exhibition Heimatfabrik had a very special importance. In reality it is a reflection of the Expo.02 in general. Heimatfabrik is a wide container that attempts to define “homeland”, this definition emerged after intense cultural research. With their works six artists illuminated specific aspects of the issue and injected it with the following six themes. Filter: homeland is landscape, everything foreign is overlooked. Order: homeland belongs to everyone, who occupies public space? Connect: homeland is language. Who do you know best? Incite: homeland is economy. Who understands the systems? Cultivate: homeland is whatever I make of it. Assemble: homeland is belonging, it is more than a place........more

How to Make a Halloween entry and welcome trick 2011 ideas

Add some personality to your entry and welcome trick-or-treaters with a pumpkin topiary in the shape of a totem pole. All it takes is a few faux pumpkins, basic craft supplies and a little imagination.

Materials Needed:
  • 3 faux pumpkins
  • spool of 3/8" wide black craft ribbon
  • black acrylic craft paint
  • white acrylic craft paint
  • small craft paintbrush
  • hot glue gun and glue sticks
  • pumpkin-carving tool or sharp knife 

Select Pumpkins

Select three similarly shaped faux pumpkins.

Cut Hole

Use a sharp knife or pumpkin-carving knife to cut a hole in the bottom of the first pumpkin. Make sure the hole is big enough for the stem of the second pumpkin to fit into. Repeat this step on the bottom of the second pumpkin.

Adhere Ribbon

Cut random lengths of craft ribbon and hot glue them to each of the pumpkins to form mouths.

Paint Eyes

Paint eyes on each of the pumpkins using a small paintbrush and some black and white acrylic paint.

Hot Glue Pumpkins

Use hot glue to attach the first pumpkin to the second and the second pumpkin to the third.

Hair Salon Interior Design | Cranium Hair Salon | Manly | New South Wales | Australia | Choi Ropiha Fighera

Choi Ropiha Fighera completed a full commercial fitout with the re-launch of Cranium Hair Salon in Manly. The project organises the salon as 3 primary spaces - reception, the main cutting studio, and the more intimate hair spa room. A new glazed shopfront sharpens the presentation of the salon to the passerby whilst internally, each space has its own architectural treatment to assist the spatial definition. Collectively these measures combine to give Cranium an enhanced presence and identity.......more

Quick Halloween Centerpieces Ideas 2011

Use these centerpiece ideas as inspiration for your next Halloween party or as festive additions to your home to add some fright to your holiday table .
i hope you like it .. Enjoy  !!

Jack-o'-Lantern Halloween Centerpiece

Miniature jack-o'-lanterns make a big impact when arranged on footed cake stands and displayed on a vintage tray. Place battery-powered candles inside each hand-carved pumpkin, and let your guests enjoy the glow.

Book-and-Pumpkin Centerpiece 

Books, pumpkins, and gourds compose this Edgar Allen Poe-worthy Halloween centerpiece. Use black books, or craft quick book covers with black construction paper. 
Editor's Tip: Incorporating raven accents on items such as place cards will make the spooky Edgar Allen Poe vibe even more apparent.

Pumpkins in Glasses Centerpiece 

This centerpiece with pumpkins and flower glasses plays a trick on the eyes, as miniature pumpkins placed in water-filled glasses appear to float in the water. (Spoiler: They're just too big to sink all the way to the bottom.) Bright orange flowers resting in a glass and small, shallow bowl add more orange to this Halloween centerpiece. 
Editor's Tip: To add more color, replace water with black and orange candies or smooth black stones.

Black-and-Orange Skeleton Candle Display

 These tall glass votive holders -- complete with a black jelly bean base -- hold black and orange candles. Spooky skeletons hang on the outside of the votive holders, ensuring an extra-haunting glow when the candles are lit.

Halloween Gourd Centerpiece 

Use rugged old cabinet legs as eye-catching bases in this Halloween gourd display. Elevating some gourds and leaving others on the table, as well as varying the size of gourds, adds quirkiness to this Halloween centerpiece. 
Editor's Tip: Tie ribbon onto the bases in knots or bows to add quick bursts of color.

Floral Jack-o'-Lantern Halloween Centerpiece

A smiling jack-o'-lantern becomes the perfect Halloween vase when you place a container of water and flowers inside. A simple carving (or scraping) that forgoes the typical wide mouth will help the inside container stay hidden. Use a white pumpkin and orange flowers for extra pop.

Pumpkin-and-Candle Halloween Centerpiece 

Nuts, pumpkins, and a large candle dress up a small woven mat in this simple-yet-sophisticated Halloween centerpiece. Fallen leaves tucked into the display add natural fall flair to the decoration. 
Editor's Tip: For a more kid-friendly decoration, use candies, painted pumpkins, and a battery-powered candle so curious fingers don't find a flame.

Pumpkins on White Dishes

Simple white dishes display multicolor pumpkins in this elegant Halloween centerpiece. Use footed bowls, small plates, and candlesticks at varying heights to create an eye-catching display.

Silver Skull Centerpiece

For a centerpiece with both spook and glam, spray-paint a plastic skull silver. Use black feathers to create a to-die-for boa around the "head of the table." Place the skull on a black raised stand or footed dish for a lively Halloween decoration.

Pumpkin Platter Centerpiece

A plain white platter becomes a Halloween centerpiece with a handful of scattered miniature pumpkins and fall accents. The nonlinear look is key with this decoration, so assemble pieces randomly along the platter for an effortless, relaxed look.

Large Pumpkin Bouquet Halloween Centerpiece 

Use a large, tall pumpkin to create this picturesque Halloween centerpiece. Stuff a variety of flowers, fillers, and greenery in a vase inside this simple, hollowed-out pumpkin. 
Editor's Tip: To add a bit of festive fun, tuck tiny Halloween decorations, such as plastic spiders or spooky stir sticks, into the arrangement.

White Pumpkin Vases

White pumpkins double as vases and make for a spook-free Halloween centerpiece. Leaves, orange flowers, and cattails are tucked into a hidden vase or container in the hollowed-out pumpkins.

Retail Interior Design | Whimsy Boutique | Powerplant Mall | Rockwell Center | Makati City | Manila | The Philippines | Archipelago

Whimsy is an existing accessories brand that currently operates one other store. Upon establishing their second store, the client decided to upgrade their product line and spruce up its retail environment. The only requirement the client had for the store was for it to reflect the brand’s quirky identity. Archipelago created a bold, eye-catching space that focuses attention on the individual products. A backlit pink wall and a series of circular plywood racks were employed to create a captivating display system. Additional elements such as a fur lined cashier counter and a gilded mirror inscribed with lipstick with were used to further impart the brand's playfulness. A new logo and signage system was designed, as well as a series of promotional posters........more

Halloween Door Decor 2011 Ideas

Easy 2011 ideas for Halloween Door Decor , quick and easy projects to made it by you self,
I hope you like it ... Enjoy !!!

A Pumpkin Gathering 

A rustic chair next to the front door gets a shot of Halloween cheer when topped with a collection of gourds, squash, and pumpkins. The doorway is wrapped with a garland made of flexible twigs bundled with wire and woven with leafy branches. Mini pumpkins hang from a beam overhead while a faux bois urn supports a stack of pumpkins in graduated sizes nearby.

Bountiful Door Decor 

Celebrate the beauty and bounty of the Halloween season with pumpkins, squash, gourds, and flowers ripe with color. Nature's bounty is so pretty and interesting on its own that it needs few embellishments to become a wonderful focal point. Carve or paint a squash or gourd with a cheerful jack-o'-lantern face to add a bit of whimsy.

Halloween Sign 

Create a hotel sign to welcome guests at the front door of your haunted Halloween abode. An old cast-off post gets new life when paired with a DIY sign. Simply assembled from 1x8-inch boards, the sign is painted and attached with eye hooks and chain to a vintage signpost. Be sure your sign reads "vacancy" so trick-or-treaters will know they can approach.

Branch-Filled Bucket

Who can resist these adorable Halloween treat trees to flank your front door? They're easy and festive. Fill an orange bucket with sand and insert large tree branches painted black. Cover the sand with sheet moss. Add the treat buckets and a few small black crows. Invite kids to help themselves to mini buckets of treats hanging on the branches.

Spooky Porch

With a little "witchcraft" you can set the stage for a spooky evening at your front door. Light a warm path to your door with luminaria and a lighted grapevine garland framing the doorway. Dangle a few faux bats and spiders near porch lights. Add black witch, cat, bat, and ghost silhouettes made of heavy paper to windows to increase the spooky ambience.

A Family Fun Front Door

'Tis the season for jack-o'-lanterns and they are everywhere on this playful front door and porch. Simply paint expressions on paper lanterns and hang in a cluster for maximum effect. Then make Halloween pinatas on sticks and place in planters to flank the entry. Crepe paper jack-o'-lanterns put the finishing touch on the door.

Halloween Web

Lengths of black ribbon and yarn and a bit of strategic weaving are all it takes to add shadowy spiderwebs to your front windows and door. Dangle a few creepy critters nearby to complete the hair-raising picture. Eek!
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