Thanksgiving Table Setting and Centerpiece Ideas : Fall 2013 Ideas

Designer Erinn Valencich shares tips for setting a Thanksgiving table that balances natural elements with the gleam of metallics.  

By H. Camille Smith

Add a Touch of Glitz

For a sophisticated but not over-the-top look, balance the sparkle of metallics with natural elements, like fall branches or fresh fruit. 
Erinn's Tip: Metallics add a great modern touch to a fall tablescape. Deep copper and bright bronze are a lovely additional to a traditional table. I prefer to bring in natural, textured elements like these seed-beaded placemats so the table doesn't get too glitzy.

Play With Scale

Diminutive pears contrast with elongated stemware for a look that is elegant and playful. 
Erinn's Tip: Slender amber stemware adds height and drama to a simple table while gold pillar candles and votives sparkle as the centerpiece. 

Opt for an Aromatic Centerpiece

Who said a centerpiece needed to time-consuming, expensive or even floral? Erinn created this arrangement by grouping scented candles with an earthy potpourri. 
Erinn's Tip: During the fall, natural elements are the best decorations. This potpourri creates a lovely centerpiece and its subtle fragrance is a great addition to the table. Look for large, chunky potpourris and add elements from your own backyard, like pinecones and seed pods, to the mix.

Gleaming Glass Accents

Golds and ambers pair beautifully with the traditional browns and oranges of fall.
  Erinn's Tip: Glass vases can be found very inexpensively in a variety of colors, shapes and sizes at your local housewares store. They're fantastic for adding a splash of luminescent color to the room. So go wild! Bring a bunch home, try them out and return what you don't use.

Simple Sophistication

This place setting layers basic elements to achieve an extraordinary effect. 
Erinn's Tip: A set of white plates is a great standard to have for your year round table. You don't have to get something special out just for the season. It's all in the presentation a crisp linen napkin folded into thirds and laid under a bronze glass plate topped with a miniature pear sets each guests' plate off with style for very little money, time or fuss. 

Bountiful Centerpiece

Set the stage for an unforgettable Thanksgiving feast with a centerpiece that exemplifies bounty. A ghost white pumpkin, chunky pillar candles and metallic painted gourds add sparkle. 
Erinn's Tip: Create a table that's casual and warm with a modern twist. Play with colors of chocolate, taupe and birch contrasted with crisp white.

Contrast Materials

A humble pinecone adds an organic touch to each place setting. 
Erinn's Tip: Have fun with materials; contrast ceramic with glass, wood and gleaming metal. Forgo the old standby tablecloth and opt for glamorous, polished silver chargers and chocolate-brown linen napkins.

Decorate the Whole Room

This buffet sparkles with candles and glassware in shades of amber and gold. Natural elements like wood grain candles and a rustic, hand-carved bowl filled with fall apples complete the look.  Erinn's Tip: "When decorating for Thanksgiving guests, don't stop at setting the table. The buffet, side tables and coffee table will benefit from a few fall touches as well. Bring in large branches of fall foliage and place in a tall vase for a seasonal decoration that is chic and free the best of both worlds. 

Easy Organizing Tips for Closets 2013 Ideas

Closets are valuable storage space. Make your closet work harder with a clear organization strategy and the right tools from modular closet storage systems to the simplest of shelves and bins. Check out this ideas that can be adapted to any closet space.

Strategy: Folding Clothes
If you prefer to fold your clothes or have a lot of clothing that is best stored folded, Meryl Starr, a professional organizer in New York and author of The Organizing Workbook, recommends these tips for folding clothes within your closet.

1- Shelves should be about 12 inches deep, roughly the depth of a stack of clothes. You don't want a lot of wasted space in front or behind.

2- Ventilated shelves promote airflow around folded clothes, which cuts down on the possibility of mold, mildew, and pests.

3- Group like with like (jeans with jeans, etc.). Same-size items stack more neatly. Put clothes you use most in the center at eye level.

4- Don't stack higher than about a foot, and leave at least 6 inches between the top of the stack and the next shelf for easy reaching in.

5- Add drawers to collect smaller items. If you don't have drawers, use a basket or two. Position drawers below eye level so it's easy to peer in.

Strategy: Hanging Clothes
Hanging up clothing inside a closet is an easy way to keep clothing organized, especially if you have a lot of dress clothes, suits, or dresses. Lorie Marrero, creator of The Clutter Diet online program, recommends these tips:

1- For the double-hang area, put the shortest clothes on the top rod and hang the bottom one as high as possible under them. Use space freed up near the floor for a shoe rack or storage bins.

2- Organize garments by category and separate with hanging labels; the more specific the categories the better. For example, subdivide your shirts into short- and long-sleeve, or casual and dressy. Bonus points: Organize by color within a category.

3- Keep shoes, purses, and jewelry in hanging organizers there are dozens on the market so you can see them alongside your clothes.

Strategy: Storage for Shoes
If you love shoes and deciding how to store them is your main closet woe, try these tips from John Trosko, a professional organizer and co-author of The Experts’ Guide to Doing Things Faster.

1- Slim shoes, such as flats and flip-flops, can be stored two to a cubby. Use spare slots for belts, scarves, and clutches.

2- Drawers give the closet a polished, built-in look, plus handy closet door storage for folded clothes. Bulky items like sweaters and purses can go on the open shelves.

3- Eke out another sliver of storage by putting a shallow basket on the shelf below the top row of hanging clothes. Use it for things that fold up small, such as tights, T’s, or socks

Planning: Clean Up & Clear Out
Plan a closet makeover by measuring your current closet to determine hanging requirements and storage needs. Next, you'll need to clear everything out of the closet so the new system can be installed. This is a good time to go through items you can no longer use and donate them to charity.

Planning: Shelf It
You might think the more shelves, the better but this is not always true. The shelves themselves take up inches of precious storage space, and too many of them can make it difficult to stack or remove items. It's best to design shelves that will fit the various items you have to store.

Planning: Shoe Solution
If shoes flood your closet floor, develop a smart strategy for storing them. Keep the shoes you wear all the time accessible on shelves if you have room. Store seasonal and special occasion shoes in easy to see clear plastic boxes on the top shelf of your closet. Or simply reuse the original box and attach a picture of the shoes to the front of the box.

Planning: Space Management
If your bedroom is small, consider placing your dresser inside the closet. You can install shelving above it and still maximize the vertical space a closet has to offer.

Planning: Closet for Two
Whether it's for kids or for a his-and-hers, a shared closet works best when territories are clearly defined. Place a tower of drawers in the middle of a reach in closet, which will give each closet occupant their own side of the closet. Assign drawers to each person to achieve shared closet bliss.

Features: Closet Cubbies
Organize your own closet or a child's with a combination of double-hanging rods, drawers, and shelves. Drawers corral small items such as socks while cubbies hold folded items. Upper shelves can store out of season shoes and clothing in clear bins with lids.

Features: Slanted Shoe Rack
Storing shoes on slanted shelves makes it easier to see the shelf contents. Before installing slanted shelves, consider how many pairs of shoes you need to store and about what size they are. Ankle boots will need more height than flats. You might want to space the shelves differently, or decide on a set spacing based on the height of your tallest shoes. If you have a lot of tall boots, consider storing them elsewhere, such as beneath a hanging rod. Look for inserts that will help boot shafts stay upright at organizational stores.

Features: Built-In Drawers
Consider built-in drawers for storing sweaters, undergarments, and accessories. Shorter drawers might only store a stack of four T-shirts or two sweaters, which is beneficial because you don’t have to dig through a large stack to find what you’re looking for, but a series of shorter drawers might not offer the same amount of storage space as larger, taller drawers. When you have more drawers, it means you need to have more space for the tracks and other drawer hardware.

Features: Lighting
Whether your closet is big or small, good lighting will make it even more functional. Look for ceiling-mount lighting that doesn’t need to be hardwired as a quick update for a reach-in closet. Lamps can be used in a walk-in closet for extra illumination, which is beneficial for dressing areas. If your walk-in closet has a window, install a light-blocking window covering. That way, you can keep out the natural light when you’re not using the closet. Constant sunlight might cause some clothing to fade.

Features: Double Bars for Kids
For a narrow and short space, stair-step rods for kids’ clothing storage. Since their clothing is short and slender, you can hang one rod higher and further back in the closet and another bar lower and more towards the front to get a double layer of storage. Consider tension shower rods, which can be installed without making holes in the wall and are easier to change as the child gets older.

Features: Double Bars for Adults
Using double closet rods one over the other  is the best way to squeeze more storage space out of a closet. Be sure to measure the length of each item you'll be hanging there and allow another 6 inches of clearance above and below each rod. Blouses, shirts, skirts, jackets, and kids' clothes will all fit on double rods.

2013 Luxury Modern Windows Curtains Design Collection

Curtains can be a great way to change the look of your interiors, while also helping to filter natural light into your room. If you're considering new window treatments and feel that curtains would be the best fit, brush up on the different types, styles and size requirements to ensure you make the correct purchase.

In terms of window treatments, curtains offer a great marriage of style and function. If you're looking to control the amount of light in your space as well as add decorative appeal, new drapes may do just the trick. They absorb sound to create a quieter room, and are ideal for glass doors, and large adjoining windows.

This Red Eclectic Trail Curtain Collection features a modern applique floral design over a luxurious faux silk background. This collection is the perfect way to add subtle colour and personality to your home and is perfect for an instant style update.

Willow Sienna is a curtain collection that features a beautiful embroidered flowers and leaves pattern. The curtains have co - ordinating tiebacks and cushions available to complete the attractive look.

This Green Scattered Flower Eyelet Curtain collection is in a soft Green shade with a silk band of Cream and scattered flowers at the top. The eyelets are finished in stainless steel with the back of the Curtains hemmed. Eyelet Curtains can only be hung from a Curtains pole.

This Pink Botanical Curtain Collection features an elegant embroidered floral panel with complementing pintuck pleats. This stylish collection is made from a faux silk fabric that is perfect for adding a chic luxurious finish and will make any room look stunning.

This Wine Savoy Curtains Collection is the perfect way to add that dramatic effect to your room. This Collection features luxurious velevet and faux silk fabric with the top border featureing a comtempory damask flocked design finished off with diamante detailing to complete the overall look.

This Red Retro Poppy Curtain Collection features a bold contemporary printed poppy design, in a bright Red colouring. This collection is perfect for adding colour, personality and style to your home and will look perfect with traditional or modern decors.

This Wine Lalique Curtain Collection features a repeated bold tulip design using elegant embroidery and appliqué in luxurious velvet. This stylish collection is a perfect way to add colour and individuality to your room whilst complementing either a traditional or modern decor.

This Waters and Noble Aubergine Opal Curtain Collection is the perfect way to add a splash of rich color to any room. These beautiful curtains complete with other products in the range, create an air of elegance to compliment both modern and traditional decors.

This Natural Luna Curtain Collection are perfect for adding unique style to any room. This collection features a striking design of textured chenille circles using complementing shades of Creams and Browns. This collection is a perfect way to add color and personality to your room and will complement a more modern decor.

Charming Home 2013 Decorating Ideas : House Tours from BHG

Together, these young homeowners remodeled or updated every room in their first home, trying new things and learning a lot along the way.

Clear Reflection
The mirror in the dining room a mirrored closet door placed in a doorframe scored at a yard sale  isn't the only thing that reflects the homeowners' DIY style. The curtains are fashioned from drop cloths hot glued together.

A Motto to Live By
The homeowners' home redesign became a do it yourself course that launched them into their dream of doing what they love.

Out of the Box Storage
Thin gauge wire strung between upholstery tacks across the fireplace creates a place for the homeowners' blueprints and furniture designs, as well as rolls of wallpaper and gift wrap.

Do What You Love
The DIY artwork on the mantel describes the couple's philosophy. To create a similar piece of your own, decoupage tissue paper and fabric onto foam-core board, then cut out and affix letters cut from magazine pages.

Cooking Up Style
In the kitchen, mismatched cabinet knobs and pulls (purchased secondhand for less than $10) add a fresh element to store bought cabinets. Poured in place concrete countertops and an island made from a refurbished farmhouse table add to the DIY appeal. When the homeowner didn't love the fresh paint on the table legs, she added a coat of stain to dull the color and dial up the charm.

Pops of Color
To create an interesting media center, the homeowners painted geometric patterns onto two pieces of foam core board and mounted them on the wall behind the TV. They created the media console using drawers gathered from flea markets. Once they had an arrangement they liked, they built a plywood box to house them and had a metal base fabricated at a local shop. The mirror on the console flips up to reveal the DVD player.

Not Your Average Shelf
Douglas fir boards and steel cable combine for a modern appeal in this shelving unit designed and built by the homeowners.

Cozy Color Palette
In the master bedroom, the homeowners keep projects  headboard, wall art, dresser embellishments  within a tight color palette to keep things cohesive.

Sweet Dreams
The couple revamped their sleigh bed by adding lush upholstery.

Let the Light Shine In
An upholstered cornice board above the door hides curtain hardware. The nature inspired wall art compliments the unfinished tabletop.

Make It Your Own
The homeowners added a sparkly gold border on the wall around the mirror. They used painter's tape to mask off a frame, then painted the first coat of the frame the same color as the wall to prevent the gold layers from bleeding under the tape. When the first coat was dry, they applied gold paint, then removed the tape. The dog silhouette artwork (homage to the homeowners' pooches) and the oversize flowers painted on the dresser are also DIY stencil projects.

Found Work Space
The homeowners reworked an old kitchen cabinet then placed it between two lockers to fashion a quiet place to work in a spare room.

Tidy Bathroom
Some of the homeowners' favorite projects in the house are in the guest bathroom, where they used sleek and modern materials. They poured a concrete countertop for the vintage vanity and backed the shelving units with roof flashing.

Rustic Bedroom
In the guest room, the couple paneled one wall with old fence pickets gifted from a friend. They painted some pickets white to add contrast. The headboard is made from corrugated tin roofing. The homeowners cut out the shape with a jigsaw and then used a grinder to smooth rough edges before screwing it to the wall.

Outdoor Living
The homeowners created a vertical garden by stacking and screwing together old pallets and free fence pickets. The flowering garden adds color and privacy to their patio.

2013 Modern Neutral Living Rooms Decorating Ideas

Modern living room style is all about minimalism and neutrality. Clean lines and simple color schemes are the order of the day for a modern living room. The base colors of the room should all remain neutral, but you can work a few bold, simple colors into accents and accessories. Angular pieces are also standard to the modern  living room style, but round circular pieces may also be found from time to time. Use a

neutral color palette. Modern living room style is fairly minimalist, even down to the color scheme. A base color scheme should consist of neutral colors, including white, beige, and black. This allows the accessories and furnishings to draw the eye more effectively.

 Keep things light. Modern living rooms typically have a lot of light flowing in. Large windows that allow sunlight to stream in at an angle are best, but sources of artificial light are just as important. Choose lights that give off a bright, blue white glow instead of bulbs with a yellow white glow.

Uplighting with a dimmer can create mood when entertaining. We used a shag rug and black wood veneer wallpaper as a wainscot for a masculine and swanky look for a swingin' single guy in downtown Denver. Photo by Tim Murphy.

This room, though dramatic on the surface, is very simple and cost effective. The walls are painted in wide stripes, which quickly give the room a lot of interest. The furnishings are straight lined, bordering on modern. The textured rug, highly coordinated accessories, glass desk and great chandelier add the finishing touches.

In the grand salon, the ceilings were improved with artful soffits to create soft curves, which are also reflected in the furnishings and rug. The walls were dressed with an unexpected horizontal staggered line tile and wave panel resin material. A beautiful bar was design and built for entertaining. Two conversation areas were laid out in the grand salon. The sofas are a deep chocolate mohair and paired with classic egg chairs and a custom entertainment console dressed with oversized hardware and ostrich leather.Design Tip: Walls don’t have to be painted or papered. Think about tiles, even in a living room.

Earthy tones combine this open space as living room, dining room and kitchen, giving a cozy ambiance.

The ebonized floors and stark white walls provided the perfect backdrop for furnishings in a palette of warm earth tones and various types of wood. The room was divided into two seating areas, with the primary area containing the sofa, chaise and two club chairs surrounding the SPI LINE Blanco Coffee Table whose nickel plated frame...

To enhance the 11-foot ceiling and the flood of natural light from the large windows in the living area, 8-inch oak molding that surrounded all of the windows was removed, as was the ornamental crown and base molding that existed throughout the apartment. SPI opted to divide the living area from the dining area with large cube towe...

The textural elements of the stone fireplace and shaggy rug, along with hints of apple green, keep this modern space from feeling too sterile.

A cozy family room was created by installing a central chandelier to bring down the height of the ceiling. Additionally, the designer added a sleek shelf around the room for the owner to display his own photographs. Custom iron floor lamps, dramatic drapery and woven shades add texture add warmth to the room. Even though.

The way to get maximum impact from an area rug is to use it as the "soul of your room". The color scheme, furniture placement and accessories should all connect back to it.
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