Contemporary Bedding designs 2011 :Pattern Comforters Sets

Comforter sets are a great way to tie bedroom decor together with the ideal blend of print, pattern, texture and color. Pattern comforters make a statement, from the classic style of DKNY comforters to the fashionable look of Croscill bedding - with great designers from top brands creating beautiful comforter sets to enhance your home, you can shop with confidence and find the perfect look.

Create a fresh and modern look in your bedroom with this cheery bedding. Shades of blue and green on crisp white are the base of the large scale floral motif detailed with applique, embroidery and pick stitch.

Incredibly soft and undeniably feminine, this billowy bedding makes a stylish statement in any setting. The colorful and comfortable bedding is a great way to liven up your bedroom while creating a cozy spot to sleep

Add a cool, casual feel to your bed with this sporty bedding. Zip It channels the outdoors with detailing borrowed from athletic sportswear and features a moss brown rip-stop fabric accented with a sporty orange and white zipper and black webbing tape.

This elegant bedding conveys a regal appearance with shades of purple and antique gold enhanced by a paisley motif. The subtle shades of brown, gray, black and ivory among the stripes round out the bedding with depth and interest.

This uniquely detailed comforter set with a woven jacquard patchwork design brings modern style to a traditional look. Various floral, scrolling and hounds tooth patterns in shades of beige, slate blue and champagne with touches of chenille and metallic bring the bedding to life and give any room a refreshing makeover.

Escape on a South Pacific journey with Fiji. A large-scale print of tropical florals and fronds in shades of blush and green bloom among a natural backdrop. The comforter reverses to a complementary stripe pattern and features a unique animal skin texture affect.

Blooming florals in shades of lilac, golden yellow and fresh green create a garden retreat in any bedroom. The trellis border adds a lovely accent to the bedding collection's feminine appeal.

Comforting shades of blue, ivory and gray give this bedding a soft, serene look, while the pieced fabrics in vertical and horizontal directions with allover quilting add to its contemporary appeal. Comforter reverses to a geometric print for versatility.

This comforter set features a stylish plaid pattern in cool shades of blue and white, while the complementary striped pattern on the comforter's reverse offers a bit of versatility. Blue and white striped sheets finish off the timeless look and create an instant classic.

A tropical island breeze in a bedding collection, this Grand Banyan comforter set presents bamboo-inspired designs with pineapple accents in soft white and green.

Asian Kitchen Design Ideas 2011 Photo Gallery

Asian Kitchens: With a beautiful array of materials and color palettes to choose from, an Asian kitchen design can bring a fresh look to both contemporary and traditional homes. Kitchen cabinet styles featuring Asian-inspired designs are growing in popularity throughout the United States.

Asian Decor: The final details are important for completing the look of your Asian style kitchen. You can use small or large stalks of bamboo as plant decorations. For wall decorations, Asian themed art or beautifully printed silk can enliven the room. Ornate wood carvings from China can bring a sense of history and tradition to your space. Bamboo placemats, asian dishes, and chopsticks can be left on display as place settings on your breakfast bar, island, or sitting area.

Below are some pictures of kitchens featuring Asian inspired designs . Enjoy the photos!

Bar Interior Design | Bar Epice | Tokyo | Keiji Ashizawa Design

Bar Epice is a wine bar in a half basement near Roppongi crossing which is located in one of Tokyo’s more affluent area.
In order to design the longest bar counter possible using Bubinga wood in a small triangulated plane area of 26 square meters while also providing a standing counter from concrete on the opposite side, the bar counter is placed diagonally across the space.To emphasize the two counters and to use the small space effectively, the bar stools are cantilevered off the wall under the bar counter.A 4 meter long lighting equipment hung over the counter is made to light up the bar only without creating any shadows........more

Theatre Interior Design | Theater Klauss Vianna | Brazil | Arquitetos Associados

The renovation of Theater Klauss Vianna was determined by the necessity of remodelling the internal finishing of the main room, improving its acoustic qualities and eliminating the conflict between the entrance to the theater and to the office tower. To solve this problem, a lateral store was proposed to be converted in an independent entrance for the theater, although not directly connected with its foyer. In order to minimize this contradiction, the new entrance was designed as a tube that orientates the flows to the foyer. Along the path, a ticket office and a coffee shop complete the complex..........more

Hotel Interior Design | Exedra Nice Hotel | Nice | France | Iosa Ghini Associati

The building that houses the luxury hotel is a majestic building full of stucco facade and elegant decor. The lot is located in the heartof Nice, along the grand boulevard Victor Hugo. The project involves the recovery of the right side of the building, where the ground floor of the hotel are made spaces such as bars,convention center and breakfast room.
The concept that gives life to the project is a contemporaryinterpretation of the lines from the Belle Epoque style that characterize the historic housing wealth. To create this fusionmaterials used were comfortable, capable of evoking intenseatmosphere, Italian style own. Design element is the constantcreation of surfaces and light installations placed along the wallsand ceilings on several floors, emphasizing the qualities of space........more

Retail Interior Design | Ferrari Stores | Iosa Ghini Associati

The Ferrari Stores have the ambition to not only shops, but the collection points of the history and spirit of Ferrari, which is expressed - through the forms, finishes and materials - the dual soul of the racing world and the world luxury. The project guidelines, and soft dynamics, stem directly from the forms ofracing cars and sedans Ferrari and also a sense of speed that starts Marinetti's futuristic aesthetic, to define a simple design but expressive.
This elegant futurism is enhanced by the idea of ​​movingmultimedia and images......more

Headboard Projects Ideas Summer 2011

Hanky Panky
    Bring the head of your bed into bloom with a sweet bouquet of vintage hankies. Mounted on square artist's canvases, they became colorful works of art that pack a powerful punch when grouped en masse. Apricot paint on the wall subtly frames the ensemble .

Screen Star
    Create a headboard with diva attitude by using a shapely metal screen. A solid-color block painted on the wall behind this one and embellished with metallic swirls gives the headboard larger-than-life personality. The effect helps draw the eye upward with space-enhancing results .

Stuck on You
    Add a touch of whimsy to any smooth-surface wooden headboard by adhering simple wallpaper decals. For an unexpected windblown effect, we carried the colorful leaf-motif decals from this headboard right onto the wall. To apply similar delicate stickers, slowly peel away the backing while smoothing the decal onto the surface. Once the design placement is permanent, burnish the decals using the edge of a credit card .

Rustic Influence
    Two single window panels are the perfect alternative to an ordinary headboard. To get this look, find windows that measure approximately the width of your mattress. Remove the glass and install fiberboard or thin plywood over the back for safety. Cut fabric to fit each section and secure it in place with spray adhesive .

Fabulous Fence
    Add country charm to your bedroom with a fence headboard. Make this cute headboard from a salvaged chain-link gate. Dress the fence with a sheet of fun fabric or a quilt, and lean against the wall .

Smart Stencil
    Love the look of wrought-iron headboards, but not the price? Get the look without the cost by painting one on your wall. Find a stencil at a local crafts store or make your own. Cut the stencil from acetate with a crafts knife, affix the stencil to the wall using a spray adhesive or low-tack tape, and apply paint inside the stencil. Use acrylic paint or specially formulated stenciling cream .

Naturally Modern
    Make this ultramodern headboard in an hour. Buy a piece of plywood from your local home supply store. Sand it, stain it, seal it, and then set it behind your bed. The clean lines will help you sleep in style .

Letter Perfect
    Create an alphabet headboard from letters found at crafts stores or flea markets. Choose a variety of letters, sizes, and fonts for an interesting display. Arrange letters graphically or spell out words .

Door Do-Over
    A trio of painted closet doors dresses up a plain bed. To start measure your bed to determine the number of doors you will need. (We used three doors for a full-size bed.) Next, use painter's tape to mark off stripes. Paint all the stripes of one color. After the paint has dried, remove the tape. Repeat the process for each color. Once all the stripes are painted and dry, attach the doors with hinges or brackets on the back, lean against the wall, and brace with the bed frame .

Painted Flowers
    Upgrade a plain wooden headboard with paint. First sand all surfaces and coat with a water-base sealer. Using a household trim brush, base-coat the entire headboard with white satin paint. Next, apply a stripe and dot border. For the flower, download the pattern below, transfer onto the headboard, and paint .

Easy 2011 Halloween Door Decor Ideas

Easy 2011 ideas for Halloween Door Decor , quick and easy projects to made it by you self,
I hope you like it ... Enjoy !!!

Painted Pumpkins with Message 

Your visitors will have no doubt that they're welcome when they see this vintage wheelbarrow with a welcoming message at the front door. Paint your sentiments on two large pumpkins with black or white paint. Place the pumpkins in the wheelbarrow and surround them with squash, gourds, bittersweet, and autumn leaves.

Silhouette Door Art

Dress up a bare glass door with a spooky silhouette. Tape together multiple sheets of black cardstock or sheets of black crafts foam and you can create a spooky scene big enough to fill the door. Trace your design, cut it out, and adhere it to the door with tape or spray adhesive.

Witch Door Display 

Park your witches' brooms right next to the front door. Make your own brooms by wrapping twigs and grass around wooden dowels. Then mark your Halloween "parking lot" with a sign made by printing on iron-on transfer paper and ironing the design onto a painted stretched artist's canvas. Spooky high jinks welcome here!

Fall Harvest Door Display

Orange and bronze mums, pumpkins, gourds, and a bundle of cornstalks from the local garden center can transform an everyday door into an inviting fall display perfect for Halloween. Pull up a straight chair or rocking chair and drape it with a cozy quilt. Add a grapevine wreath and your door is a little bit country—and a whole lot inviting.

Eerie Entry

Since white objects are highlighted at night, a grouping of ghostly door decor made from painted gourds is sure to catch the eye and chill the heart in the dark. Use black paint to create the spirited expressions, and dangle the gourds from dormant vines, porch rafters, or tree branches. Finish off your front-door masterpiece with dried bittersweet and a painted twig wreath.

Frightful Front Door

Set a dark mood by disguising the view inside the front door. Cut black paper to fit the door glass and any side windows, then trace and cut out Halloween shapes. Tape the black paper to the windows and cover the cutouts with yellow tissue paper. Your spooky designs will glow when you turn on the interior lights. Line the path to the door with glowing pumpkins.

Window Halloween Display

Make a spirited first impression by turning a sidelight window into a gruesome message board. Piercing cat eyes and bold lettering send a cautionary note to all who come to your front door. Use black and white papers and green stickers for cat eyes. For the message, print large letters from a computer, trace them onto black paper, and cut out. Tape the letters and eyes to the glass.

Jack-o'-Lantern Door Display

Dress your front door with this smashing Halloween decoration that's simple to make. Crafted from a halved foam pumpkin, the jack-o'-lantern gets its charming personality when you add painted facial features, silk leaves, and bittersweet. The spooky final touch: an artificial crow on top!

 Doorstep Halloween Urn Display 

Ever wondered what to do with those cute, inexpensive urns from the crafts store? With a simple coat of spray paint they become spooky Halloween decorations. Stuff cotton batting and blocks of crafts foam inside. Stick white branches into the foam as desired. Cut-from-paper black bats, fabric leaves, black webbing, and a few creepy-crawly spider accents complete the look.

Halloween Treats Bucket

No time to man the door this Halloween? Set out a cute bucket at your gate for a grab-and-go way to celebrate the holiday. Spray-paint a bucket black, coating it a few times for full coverage. Paint wood letters with glow-in-the-dark paint to spell "treats" and attach to the bucket. Stick a shepherd's hook into the ground and hang your full-to-the-brim treat pail from it.

"Beware" Banner 

Offer a warning welcome gate-side with a pretty banner sharing a Halloween phrase. Create a basic triangle template and use it to trim six triangles from outdoor-ready fabric (ours is the type that's used to cover picnic tables). Back each triangle with black cardstock; trim. Paint wood letters a bright color (glow-in-the-dark paint is a fun option), and adhere to each triangle. Use purple rickrack to create the banner. 
Editor's Tip: Spray your project with a clear coat of waterproofer or plan to bring it in on damp days.

Halloween-Inspired Paper Lanterns

Infuse plain white lanterns with spooky spirit in minutes. Run lengths of black ribbon along the surface of an open paper lantern (we made one lantern with ribbon and one without). Print basic jack-o'-lantern clip art (a quick online search offers lots of options) onto white paper. Trim and tape to the front of the lantern. Hang it on your porch for a delightful welcome.
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