Colorful Fall Projects 2011 Ideas

Maple Leaf Pillow 

Add fall color to you home with inspiration from one of the season's prettiest elements -- fallen leaves. Place a leaf on a photocopier and enlarge it to a make a pattern. Cut it out of wool felt and attach it to a purchased pillow using iron-on fusible backing. A blanket stitch finishes it in style. 
Editor's Tip: Create a trio (or more) of pillows featuring different felt colors yellow, red, and deep green to capture the season.

Branch-Painted Vase 

Acrylic paint markers are great tools, especially in a freehand design such as this one on a pretty fall vase. Choose two shades of brown and draw bare trees; cut tiny leaf shapes from pressed leaves or cardstock and use adhesive dots to attach to the vase.

Patterned Fabric Wall Display 

Pretty patterned fabric offers inspiration for this wall sculpture. Make color copies of fabric and attach to plastic mailing tubes with double-sided tape. Stack and stagger on a wall, using strong adhesive dots to hang.

Design a Fall Display Box 

Put on a show of autumn color with a collection of small jewelry boxes. Paint the inside and outside of the boxes; glue autumn images  ferns, pinecones, leaves  to the bottom of each box, then glue each box together. Hang it as a display or use it to collect keepsakes.

Fall Flag Centerpiece 

Creating a just-yours fall centerpiece is easy. Start with muted colors and patterns of scrapbook paper; cut into pennant shapes and use adhesive scrapbook letters to spell out words. Punch two holes in each pennant and tie to a twig; tuck all into a glass jar filled with popcorn.

Fall Stools in Autumn Designs 

Your digital camera is your ultimate DIY tool to create these colorful stools. Take a photo from overhead of pumpkins; enlarge and crop to fit a stool top and print. Choose paint in the same color as the image; paint the stool and dry. Adhere the digital image with decoupage and seal with clear polyurethane.

Natural Fall Table Display

Rely on nature to do the work for you with this lovely centerpiece. Place milkweed seeds inside a glass vase and nestle creamy and striped gourds of various sizes around to fill a short-sided basket.

Fall Branch Table Display

The berries of autumn are a stunning element in this centerpiece combination. Start with white beans in a tall glass vase and add a sturdy stalk of a crabapple tree.

Pumpkin-Theme Plate Design

Digital images are a great accent for inexpensive projects. Take this place setting: An image of a pumpkin was printed and adhered to the bottom of the plate with decoupage.

Mushroom Design Fabric Display

Take a wall from blah to boring with a few easy-to-find materials. Download a mushroom stencil from free clip-art online (or draw your own using ours as inspiration), and cut out the shape in vivid patterned fabric. Iron the fabric onto fusible webbing and use Mod Podge to adhere to a surface a wall, for example, or a large dresser, too.

Fabric-Covered Fall Lamp

Fun fabric can instantly transform a ho-hum lampshade. Use an existing shade as a pattern; cut a scrap of fall-color material to fit (overlap the edges). Adhere with spray adhesive or fabric glue; fold the bottom and top edges under and glue, too.

Fall Leaf Art

Add one-of-a-kind pizzazz to your walls with stencils and medium-density fiberboard. Look on for an image; enlarge several copies in various sizes and arrange on a piece of stained fiberboard. Paint in some of the stencils and around others, and use painter's tape to create stripes of various widths.

Cafe Interior Design | Urbun Cafe | abgc architecture

The design strategy for Urbun was to engage the cafĂ© with the passer-by by locating the kitchen in the shop window; pedestrians get a full day’s show as the chefs bake bread and cakes and prepare salads, soups and sandwiches. The dining area runs the full depth of the unit taking light and views from both the public street to the front and the development’s garden to the rear..........more

Shoe Shop Interior Design | Botas 66 | Designblok10 | Prague | A1 Architects

Presentation of legendary Botas 66 sneakers at Designblok10, Prague design week, was realized only for few days within limited budget. We designed a simple concept of colourful hang sofit made out of diverse shoealaces. The organic shape of the ceiling was created with 1800 pieces of laces, which are natural part of the sneaker´s design. All shoelaces were bound within a grid of 10x10cm in different heights. At the end of the exhibition all shoelaces were unbound and then put back into production process.......more

Retail Interior Design | Other Criteria | Bond Street | London | Dan Heap

The New Bond Street shop for Other Criteria was conceived as a pure white space, with both walls and floor of flawless white marble. The lighting approach needed to support this minimalist interior whilst giving a flexible and reliable solution.........more

Retail Interior Design | Glassons flagship store | Newmarket | London | Gascoigne Associates

Glassons flagship store Newmarket is the brand’s newest addition with a high level of design and detail. The theme of ‘Rooms of the Mansion’ was chosen to inspire a variety of spaces based on a grand house, including, amongst others, an atrium, portico, library, styling room, and dressing room. Fittings and finishes follow a more residential theme whilst still required to withstand the heavy demands of retail use. The store won the Apparel Division, Personal Group and the Sponsor Flooring Awards at the 2011 NZRIA RED Awards and features on WAN and Frame international interior design websites.........more

Loft Interior Design | NoLo Loft | Minneapolis | Minnesota | Alchemy Architects

Alchemy started the schematic design of the space by defining a simple pallet of color and materials for the space: golds, warm browns, blacks, deep reds, and adding textures that melded rustic with simple and sleek, shiny red kitchen cabinets warmed with exotic wood and composit countertops. Being «green» comes naturally for Alchemy, as reuse and recycle themes appear in the use of cast off timbers for stairs, hot-rolled steel for doors and fireplace surround. Industrial materials are partnered with natural and rustic materials to temper the raw open space.........more

Corporate Office Interior Design | Wilkinson's Asia Headquarters | Hong Kong | Aedas

Wilkinson, one of the UK’s largest retailers with 335 stores nationwide, commissioned Aedas Interiors to create a strongly branded design concept for their Asia Headquarter relocation project from the South Seas Centre to Two Landmark East in Hong Kong. In line with the client’s desire for the space to “scream retail”, the design was inspired by the retail environment, with branded walls and product displays throughout the work office..........more

Exhibition Interior Design | Arco Fair 09 | 28th International Contemporary Art Fair | Madrid | Herreros Arquitectos

Following the approach tested in space ARCO 08, it is proposed an expansion of the exhibition concept that it was already pursuing a dynamic space that wants to be a hallmark of this fair. Therefore, the plan shows a number of broad corridors obvious hierarchies, broken, that expand and contract causing a breakdown of democratic and optimized galleries offering obvious improvements in terms of visibility and exhibition opportunities..........more

Apartment Interior Design | Apartment 7 | Belgrade | Serbia | Exe Architecture Studio

Apartment 67 is placed in one of New Belgrade’s blocks. The client was a business school student girl. The central part of this interior is big black box, placed between living room and kitchen. It separates these two functional zones. The hexagonal designed elements penetrate the box. These designed elements are placed on the wall, at ceiling and at the box. They have three functions: shelves, lighting elements and masks.........more

Office Interior Design | VISY | Jackson Clements Burrows

Jackson Clements Burrows recently designed the fit-out for the head office of VISY in conjuction with Jackson Interiors. The inventive interior explored the concept of re-use and re-cycling with the fit-out including extensive use of VISY products readapted as furniture and screens........more
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