College Interior Design | The Creative Media Centre for the City University of Hong Kong | Studio Daniel Libeskind

The interior of the nine-story, 263,000-square-foot structure, which serves approximately 2,000 students and 500 faculty and staff members and houses a variety of public programs, builds on this idea. Each space, whether self-contained or open, is a unique shape. Many of the walls slope or slice through space. Asymmetrical windows cut into the walls of interior lecture halls, classrooms and computer labs. Flowing around and among these and the building’s myriad other facilities – sound stages, recording studios, screening rooms, exhibit and performance spaces, a multipurpose theater and other discrete areas – are “interactive spaces.” More expansive than traditional passageways, but more intimate than formal classrooms, they are designed to encourage impromptu exchanges and spontaneous collaboration. An abundance of natural light throughout further enhances the spirit of limitless possibility and outside-the-box thinking.......more

Bright Basement Work Space Decorating Ideas

hardworking office and crafts haven with bright colors, DIY touches, and tons of storage.

Sunny Style 

Unlike some basements, this space is blessed with an abundance of sunlight. That makes this spacious corner the perfect space for a home office/crafting studio. The homeowners used countertops and cabinets to create an L-shape configuration that allows multiple workstations.

Savvy Storage

To keep clutter at bay, the homeowner/designer mounted rods on the wall. Now her favorite supplies are out of drawers and off of surfaces yet still within easy reach. Baskets, bins, canisters, and magnetic strips provide perfect homes for ribbons, stamps, paper punches, embellishments, beads, and other art essentials.

Clear Solution 

These canisters are meant for the kitchen, but the homeowner/designer uses them to stash art supplies. Clear storage makes it easy for her to see and grab whatever she needs in an instant.

Light Bright 

The homeowner/designer wanted to take advantage of the sunlight streaming in through the basement windows. But she didn't want to sacrifice privacy. So she had a plastics store cut these 12-inch panels of plexiglass and drill holes into the top and bottom of each piece. For color and fun, she affixed vellum and scrapbook paper to the back of each piece. Finally, she connected the panels with binder rings to create this completely unique window treatment.

Color Cues

Mixing and matching vibrant color comes naturally to the homeowner/designer. For her work space, she chose a palette designed to inspire creativity. Two bright shades of orange coat the far wall panels, while lime green accentuates the adjacent wall.

Orange Blossom 

Mod, graphic flowers bring the palette to life. The homeowner/designer first hand-drew the floral design on a transparency sheet, then used a projector to enlarge the image onto the wall. She drew the design on the wall in pencil, then covered it in a coat of light orange.

Barstool Style

To dress up plain stools, the homeowner/designer sewed custom skirts. She used fabric that complements her decor, then added ribbons to hold the slipcovers in place.

Cabinet Creativity

These storage units looked awfully plain before the homeowner/designer got her hands on them. First, she and her husband found three unfinished wood cabinets. They added molding to give the pieces architectural interest, then painted them in their favorite orange hues. She used frosted window film to create the diamond designs on the glass cabinet doors. Pretty curtains suspended from tension rods give the cabinets a soft look.

Store More

Picking up on the floral theme from her DIY window treatment, the homeowner/designer used scrapbook papers to perk up plain white magazine files. Now the storage pieces look like they were created just for this space.

It's A Wrap 

It couldn't get much simpler. Dowel rods suspended from inexpensive curtain hardware allows easy access to wrapping and crafts papers. She painted the dowels blue to align them with her color palette.

Clean Sweep 

The homeowners chose easy-to-clean vinyl flooring for their work space. It resists scratches and scuffs, and it wipes up in a jiffy if paint happens to spill. The natural, woven-look pattern provides a subtle way to ground the bright wall colors.

Restaurant Interior Design | Grado | Manchester | England | Roger Stephenson Architects

Roger Stephenson Architects was appointed by Heathcotes Restaurants to design a high end Spanish restaurant in the heart of Manchester’s city centre. Roger Stephenson Architects created a bright, contemporary and welcoming space where a mix of banquettes, booth seats and centre floor tables sit comfortably against a contemporary design which combines timbers, natural stones and plush leathers. Lighting, supplied by large ivory pendants, provides an intimate atmosphere against a back drop of American Walnut and a "theatre" kitchen allows diners to experience the excitement of the kitchen which sits adjacent to the bar area where pre dinner drinks and tapas are served........more

Using Natural Elements To Decorating your home : New Ideas

Here are some ideas to get  natural , trendy, organic look in your home.
  I hope you like it .... Enjoy !!!!!

Aquatic Accents 

Nature reigns in this living room, making the walls between the indoors and outdoors seem like a formality. Designed with a subtle aquatic theme in mind, the space relies on natural elements to blur the line between nature and reality. Casual, shore-inspired furniture with wood and woven finishes act as neutrals in the room. Sandy beige and watery blues mixed with beachy textures mimic a relaxing seascape. Found elements, such as piece of driftwood and wispy beach grass, provide natural finishing touches.

Cottage-Style Beauty

Whitewashed wood paneling and seagrass floor covering lighten the living room and add texture. Shutters, wicker furniture, and gingham draperies give the room beachy style, while natural accents such as a tray of sea-inspired plants add fresh personality.

Woodland Escape

Give a traditional bathroom a contemporary twist by going big with natural elements. Ethereal wallpaper, a reclaimed mirror, and a wood slab countertop combine for a beautiful textural bath with all the right touches.

Collection Makeover

Give your sand collection a makeover with an elegant twist. Portion out your sand into antique jars and label each one with the location and date. Layer in coral and dried sea plants for an ocean-inspired scene.

Resourceful Recycling 

Recycle a collection of glass bottles into an eye-catching mantel display. Gather interesting greenery from outdoors and place each piece in a different jar. Stagger jars according to shape and height, then place a mirror behind the collection to reflect light.

Subtle Botanicals

Botanicals never look anything but elegant. Paired with traditional furnishings, they bring pastoral sophistication to a room. Frame and mat botanical prints and hang them in a grid. Don't be afraid to take over an entire wall -- the ivory mats and simple colors of the prints keep the look subtle.

 Decorating with Diversity 

The beauty of decorating with nature is that the relics complement your keepsakes and flea market gems. Embrace decorating diversity and pair serving trays with shells, photographs, and nature prints.

Easy Tabletop Touch

Bring the garden inside -- create a mini tabletop terrarium beneath a pretty cloche. Here, a small glass cloche is also a practical way to protect potted plants from being knocked over.

Getting Greener

Moss topiary balls introduce a natural look and add texture to this arrangement of elegant objects. Incorporating natural touches, typically seen as casual, does not diminish the formality of a traditional space. Rather, it adds another layer of personality. Opt for subtle additions and you'll maintain your room's sophistication.

Conversation Piece

Shelves filled with keepsakes become a cabinet of curiosities, sure to spark conversation with any guests. Cover books with white parchment paper to give them a uniform look. Then pile shells, coral, and apothecary jars on top of and around them for a display with dimension.

Office Interior Design | Dandra Offices | Salford | Manchester | UK | Hodder and Partners

Located within the Lowry Hotel, Salford, the proposal creates 988m 2 of office accommodation on three levels. The basement office consists of a linear open plan office arrangement with staff and WC facilities located parallel to this space. The ground floor office is divided into three distinct zones, with the creation of a new mezzanine deck, which provides an additional third level of office accommodation above. Behind the new façade, public sales and reception spaces provide a frontage to the river and public domain. Behind these spaces the mezzanine runs centrally along the spine of the existing space, creating semi-public meeting spaces underneath the deck. This central spine of accommodation in turn screens private office space to the rear. It is also the services conduit for the whole, thereby maximising flexibility within the offices......more

Club Interior Design | Albertinapassage | Vienna | Austria | Soehne and Partner Architects

The new dinnerclub Albertinapassage in Vienna opened this December. Söhne & Partner renovated the Albertinapassage and designed the interieur as they already did at the Babenberger Passage in 2002. Distinct design makes this club unique......more

Meg Caswell's Design Portfolio From HGTV Design Star season six 2011

Meg Caswell
Age: 33
Chicago, Ill.
Meg says she began her career in design the moment she decided not to attend law school. After she earned a degree in criminology, she soon enrolled at The Art Institute of Chicago where she earned a B.F.A in interior architecture. The interpersonal skills she learned during her criminology studies helps her develop a profile of her clients and uncover their true design preferences. As the owner of a design firm and a home décor store in Chicago, Meg characterizes herself as a determined, direct and high-energy competitor. She describes her design style as a preppy mix of modern and traditional, but she also counts the vibrant pastel colors of “Palm Beach chic” among her favorite looks.

Chic Living

Inspired by the couple's love for sculptural art, Caswell creates a contemporary eclectic living room.

Classic Blue and White

An octagonal dining room is accentuated by the circular table and light fixture, while the horizontal-striped fabric helps to continue movement around the space.

Simply Elegant Dining

The kitchen eating area is inspired by the client's minimal, monochromatic style.

Traditional Living Space

Caswell creates a layout that showcases the stunning architectural details of the room.

Colorful and Vintage

A collection of the homeowner's family antiques dictate the sophisticated yet still bright and lively feel of the space.

Sophisticated Seating

An elegant floating seating area sits in the transitional space between the living room and dining room.

Light and Airy Living

Caswell designs a living room for a well-known artist and uses the artwork as the focal point of the space.

Family-Friendly Kitchen

The family kitchen features an oversized island for preparation and seating. The space also opens to the family room and a fabulous hidden pantry behind the walnut doors flanked by two refrigerators.

Contemporary Living

Caswell loves to combine silver and gold, which mixes nicely with the rustic leather sofa and vibrant orange chairs.

Shop Interior Design | Buzzer Beater | New York | Slade Architecture

BUZZER BEATER is a high-end consignment store in New York’s Greenwich Village that specializes in rare sneakers and apparel. There is no back-inventory -- everything on display has its own unique history. We designed the store to reflect the nature of its eclectic and highly personal inventory.

The store’s closely populated space allows for an intimate experience for customers that blurs the distinction between employee and customer. Because the stores sales are made on consignment, buyers can become the sellers and sellers can become the buyers. Recognizing the importance of this interaction within Buzzer Beater’s community, we designed many of the store’s features to be equally as engaging......more

Clubhouse Interior Design | Nine Bridges Country Club-Clubhouse | Korea | Shigeru Ban Architects

The Nine Bridges Country Club-Clubhouse is a 16,000-squaremeter facility that serves a golf course. It has an underground level and three floors above grade. There is a main building, VIP lobby building, and a structure with private suites. The atrium and the upper portion of the main building include timber columns and a glass curtain wall, while the base is made of stone (random rubble masonry typical of Korea). The timber area includes the reception zone, a member’s lounge, and a party room. The stone podium houses locker rooms, bathrooms, and service areas. The roof over the main building measures 36 x 72 meters. The unusual tree-like timber columns in the atrium reach to a height of three stories. The partial-timber structure was used to conform to Korean regulations that do not allow timber buildings to exceed 6 000 square meters in size. The first floor of the atrium has 4.5-meter-wide glass shutters that open fully.....more

Lounge Interior Design | Grosvenor Place Ground Plane Refurbishment | Harry Seidler And Associates

The concept for the design of the interior was to build upon the established modernist design principles of the tower’s architecture. Visual tensions created between straight and curved geometries are reinforced with material and finishes selected for contrast of their naturally inherent textures, tones and patterns.
The design solution is anchored by an internally illuminated stone wall located along the line of an existing change in level through the site. This solution enlivened a dim, shaded precinct and established a new visual identity for the property. The hollow interior of the wall accommodates an accessible services spine and reticulation of fresh air supply........more

Office Interior Design | Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Slovenia | Slovenia | Sadar Vuga

Panoramic Garden of CCIS project presents the first structural and programmatic intervention into the project already realised by our office. The large summer banquet terrace is to be glazed and extended into the current VIP room. Thus we formed an inner interior winter garden, where a spatial ribbon carries the troughs and baskets with lush tropical greenery, wherefrom one can enjoy a magnificent view of the city centre. Besides the vertical executive business and club rooms it also represents the most attractive interior space in the CCIS. It may be characterised as a new type of the business and club room that is intended for events such as ceremonial receptions, award-granting ceremonies, banquet luncheons as well as for meetings of extended management team.........more

Holiday Projects for easy Christmas decorating ideas

Add something new to your standby Christmas decor. Alongside your sentimental ornaments and favorite pieces, introduce an updated centerpiece or a fresh take on stairway decor, and you might find a new decorating tradition!

Holiday Headboard

With a neutral base, it's easy to add a bit of temporary holiday flair to a bedroom. Drape hand towels or tea towels over a headboard, and pin together covers for throw pillows using striped napkins and place mats. Drape an unfinished length of burlap over a side table and add a potted dwarf evergreen. For the final touch, hang a few pine branches on the wall over the bed to accent the headboard.

Holiday Accent Pillow

The best holiday decorations make use of what you already own, allowing you to transform them with the changing seasons. Add festive touches to a neutral pillow in no time at all. Cut a holiday shape a tree, a star, an ornament from felt or burlap, and use thick yarn or twine to secure the shape to the pillow.

Beautiful Buffet Table

Adorn this buffet table with several traditional and unique holiday decorations. Filled with apples and cherries, these lanterns light up the table without a candlestick in sight. Cut from inexpensive burlap that's fringed at the edges, a table scarf adds a colorful pop underneath, while a trio of trees are actually branches set in wet florist's foam in clay pots. A sliver-size window displays a holiday message spelled using adhesive letters.

Greenery Gift Garnish

Surprising accents make present wrapping and giving  that much more enjoyable. Instead of ribbon, tie bits of twine around each wrapped gift and add miniature sprigs or ornaments.

Votive Candle Accents

Votive candles with the right touches are the perfect holiday accent to any room, so consider polishing off your candle presentation with this smart idea. Fill a larger vase part way with fresh cranberries or small beads and insert a smaller glass votive holder. Mix and match sizes of vases or keep them all the same for a more consistent pattern.

Favorite Christmas Cards Display

A new crop of holiday cards is a great way to display lots of color and pattern throughout your house. Use an old window shutter and tie lengths of ribbon from top to bottom, and attach a cards with double-stick tape.

Fresh Herbs Chair Back Decoration 

The produce aisle often has more decorating possibilities than you might think. Bundle fresh herbs together with twine and tie them together with a length of ribbon to make festive bouquets. For fragrance and color, try an arrangement of thyme, rosemary, marjoram, and a bay leaf. 
Editor's Tip:
The bouquets can be made several days in advance
refrigerate them until you're ready to use them.

Colorful Glass Candy Jar

What would the holidays be without a few sweet treats? Luckily, bright ribbonlike varieties are pretty enough to display on their own. Fill a few lidded glass containers with various colors and sizes and loop a bright green cord through a pretty paper label.

Pretty Paper Accents

Twisted into a cone, a square of decorative paper bedecks everything from a chair back to a doorknob. Secure the cone with glue and trim the top, then punch holes to insert a ribbon hanger and line with a pretty handkerchief or towel. Fill the easy-to-make decoration with a little gift or a sachet for a pretty take-home present.

Natural Holiday Basket

Some of the most elegant focal pieces are crafted from simple materials and can be assembled without a fuss. Fill a wicker basket with repeating rows of moss, smooth stones, pinecones, and a cheery row of green apples, or use items from around the house and yard, such as acorns, nuts, sticks, herbs, flowers, and oranges.
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