Summer 2013 Decorating Ideas Tropical Style

Bring relaxing tropical style home with these summer-infused decorating ideas.

Tack-On Family Photos : Frame vacation snapshots as high style changeable art.
1-Convert digital images to sepia tone using a computer and graphics program, then print on deckle edge watercolor paper made for color ink-jet printers.
2-Adhere papyrus or other art paper to cork tile and place in a ready made frame with glass removed.
3- Attach photo to the cork with a decorative tack.
4-Switch out photos as the whim strikes.

Give plain glass candleholders a tropical makeover. Cover the outside with decorative papyrus; secure with double-sided tape. Wrap with waxed linen thread to hint at the pattern of a net.

Leafy Green Table : Tinted water and tropical foliage make a dramatic centerpiece.

Naturally Pretty Setting : Braid bunches of fresh grasses for natural napkin rings.

Beachy Reading Nook : Create a breezy spot for beach reading any time of year.

Line a flat waterproof tray with chunks of sea glass and elevate a collection of potted plants to focal-point status. The tray will also help to protect your tabletop from water spills.

Floral Seat Cover-Up : Drape a chair seat with a summery patterned napkin for an instant spruce-up.
1-Sew large beads to the corners to act as weights, and position the napkin diagonally.
2-Stitch on ribbon ties to secure it to the chair back.

Easy-Sew Headboard : A wall hanging reminiscent of beach chaise canopies is a charming headboard alternative.
1-For easy construction, choose a fabric that has finished edges and no "wrong" side (54-inch-wide fabric yields a full-gathered effect for a twin bed).
2-Measure height for the headboard and add about 16 inches for balance and hems; cut fabric this length.
3-Fold over one end about 15 inches to make a valance; to make the pocket for hanging, sew layers together about 1 inch from the fold.
4-Hem the ends; feed rope through the pocket and tie around cabinet pulls or hooks installed in the wall.
5-Complete the ensemble with a matching sham; a king-size pillow is the right width for a twin bed bolster.

Drape a bedside table with a woven beach mat hanging to the floor offering the effect of an elegant grass skirt. Drift off to sleep thinking of cool umbrella drinks and sand between your toes.

DIY Easy Headboards 2014 Stylish Ideas

by Watson Hawkins

This is hard to believe now, but for too many years, the only headboard project we featured on was made from chain-link. It’s still here, with a cult following, even rumored to have been tweeted by an edgy celebrity highlighting, ahem, alternative styling rather than the original design, which was for a boy’s room.
Recent years have seen a sea change in headboard projects, videos, styles and options. And with the upcoming holidays bringing bedrooms and guest rooms into focus, why not take the opportunity to build the headboard you’ve been wanting (or at least steal the look)?

If price is your main concern, but you still want projects that are fun to put together with original styles, then look no further than below, where tree branches, reclaimed wood and even T-shirts can be converted into conversation pieces  explaining why this headboard gallery is also our most popular.

Reclaimed and reused objects are perfect mediums for headboards, where screens, signs and shutters  among other items  can transform into headboards simply by mounting them on the wall.

Practical and chic, there are a number of ideas for headboards that bring a sophisticated feel to a room with materials like fabric, bookshelves and framed artwork.
Bold style statements can be made through rustic painted wood (our most popular headboard how-to), nails and canvas board or bright paint with decals. You can even make a slipcover for an existing headboard, and of course all these headboard projects are easy on your budget.

You'll love these ideas to try in 2014! I hope you find these ideas useful and inspiring to you .... Enjoy it !!!!

Modern Wood Furniture

Seat Back, Rocker On: Modern Curved Wood Rocking Chair | Designs Modern Wood Furniture with dimensions 417 X 468 by
Modern Wood Furniture
Contemporary Wood Furniture 13225 Decorating Ideas with dimensions 938 X 1423 by
Modern Wood Furniture
Modern Solid Wood Furniture from Hudson Furniture, in Claro Walnut Modern Wood Furniture with dimensions 283 X 470 by

Category: Modern Design Design Ideas Decor with dimensions 300 X 300 by
Modern Wood Furniture
Contemporary Rustic Wood Furniture, Live Edge Tables, Natural Wood Modern Wood Furniture with dimensions 535 X 600 by

Extraordinary Modern Wood Furniture And Painti #1362 | oldecrisfield Modern Wood Furniture with dimensions 1732 X 1200 by

Modern Solid Wood Furniture | at the galleria Modern Wood Furniture with dimensions 224 X 500 by

contemporary chairs plastic Modern Wood Furniture with dimensions 424 X 600 by
Modern Wood Furniture

2014 Luxury Living Room Furniture Designs Ideas

Have you been considering replacing your living room furniture? Maybe getting rid of those old and uncomfortable couches and chairs has been on your mind lately? Or upgrading that tv stand to a new entertainment center? Perhaps you have been visiting all the local furniture stores and none of them seem to have quite the right touch for what you’re looking for?
When it comes to having a beautiful living room set, Bassett Furniture understands your desires and wishes. Whether you are in the market for a recliner, couch, sofa, tables, or chairs, Bassett furniture has a wide range of selection for you to choose from.
If you are on the hunt for the perfect sofa for your living room, the Midetown Sofa offers a moderate design and extreme comfort. With its two plush 19" square pillows and smooth tapered legs, you can purchase it alone or as a whole collection for your entire living room. The collection includes sofa, loveseat, chair, ottoman, and sectional. It is an instant hit for an entire living room furniture set. Not only does it make shopping easy, it gives you a full moderate scaled set to complete the living room.
If you are looking for something with a little more eloquence then you should check out Bassett Furniture’s Club Room Sofa. You can feel like you have the luxury of your own upper class club furniture. With a back that is not only firm but sectioned as well, you will experience comfort some only dream about. Living room furniture is essential to how you convey yourself in your life and style.

2014 Tips for Cheap Bedroom Update

Affordable Bedroom Ideas :

Try a New Direction : To give your bedroom a decorative lift without spending a dime, angle the bed from a corner. If your present headboard looks too bulky for this arrangement, replace it with a salvaged iron gate or a shorter upholstered panel.

Add Pattern to a Select Spot : Try paneling a single wall or one section of a wall with a favorite wallpaper or stencil. It's a sure fire way to call attention to a seating area or to add pattern without the expense of papering an entire room or taking the time to stencil an entire room.

Switch Out Accent Pillows : Accent pillows let you quickly alter the personality of a room and shift the balance of color. They're especially powerful used in a bedroom because the bed is a natural focal point. Pillows can update a room instantly by adding volume, pattern, texture, color, and personality.
 Here, a subtle backdrop of cream and blue is brought into intense focus with a collection of lively pillows. Raspberry and sky-blue accent pillows pull the wall color and accent color together perfectly. Bold striped neckroll pillows add variety and interest to the grouping.

Suitcase Side Table : For a dose of quirky charm, create a bedside table from vintage suitcases. Search flea markets and estate sales for three suitcases in graduated sizes. Measure and cut a base from plywood to accommodate your largest case. Screw wooden furniture legs onto the base and paint. When dry, stack the suitcases on top. Use the suitcases to store off-season clothing and accessories.

Easy Upholstered Headboard : A few tricks make this stunning DIY headboard. The simple square shape makes the upholstery job easy. Plus, the backing is formed by two hollow-core doors.

Paper Trail : The popular trend of removable wallpaper has landed this fun product in even the big box stores. Peel the backing and press it to the wall, then peel it off if you tire of the look or if you?re a renter. You can use big graphic colorful prints behind a bed as a headboard, on a hollow-core door to make it dimensional, or over a fireplace without a big commitment.

Neat & Nifty Nightstand : Bedside tables with shelves work best for storage purposes. This simple but hardworking nightstand offers a tabletop surface for a lamp and a collection of decorative elements, a drawer to corral smaller items, and a lower shelf that holds reading materials.

Frame Game : For artwork on a dime, paint an old wooden picture frame, cut mat or foam-core board to fit the opening, and cover the board with a scrap of pretty fabric.

Floating Nightstand : If you don't have the luxury of a bedside table, create a storage-packed floating shelf by installing a closet shelf upside down beside your bed. The small shelf takes up no floor space yet offers an ample surface for an alarm clock, reading material, and decorative accents.

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