Budget Decorating Update 2014 Ideas

Refresh your home decor for less with these budget decorating ideas from designers, bloggers, and our editors.

You'll love these ideas to try in 2014! 
I hope you find these ideas useful and inspiring to you ...... Enjoy it !!

Look for the potential of secondhand artwork. A fabulous frame can be liberated from the ugly picture it houses, and an ugly frame can be painted.

Mirrors work wonders in any room. Have one cut to fit a tabletop or an extra large picture frame (which usually costs less than buying a big mirror).

I always say pillows make the room! Buy 1 yard of a great fabric, and take it to a dry cleaner who offers alterations. He can sew a simple pillow for you cheap.

Decorating with nature is free and fun. Cut an interesting branch from your yard and put it in a vase, or gather stones and display them in a tray.

Spending a little more for a sofa or chair is actually budget smart if it meets these criteria: a timeless neutral color, clean lines, and the right scale for the room.

It's easier to go bold with color on a piece of furniture than on walls. Pick a color you love, and paint that dresser.

Make your own one of a kind lamps. A simple kit costs about $10. Almost anything you can drill a hole through can be a lamp base. I've used ceramic vases, banister rungs, carved wood, and wire baskets.

For a custom look and an unexpected jolt of color, spray-paint the undersides of glass shelves a bright hue.

The best place to look for quality furniture on a budget is consignment or thrift stores. If the bones are good, you can always update with paint or fabric.

Cover walls with secondhand mirrors, baskets, large clocks, and other items that add dimension.

Break up your bedroom set. Bring a bedside table into the living room; use a dresser as a dining room buffet.

I love to pick up inexpensive drawings from street artists while I'm on vacation. It's nice to have artwork that means something to you personally.

Easy Ideas to Add Seasonal Warmth to your Room

designers nationwide for How do you add warmth to a room?

Pick the Right Pillows 

A room isn't done without pillows. Choose pillows in warm colors made of a soft down mix so they're comfortable to lean into. 
Designer Carla Lane, Los Angeles.

Create a Hide-a-Way 

I always tell clients that you can't control the outside world but you can create a world on the inside of your home that is good to you. In the fall, when you'll be spending more time indoors, it's important to carve out a corner for yourself. Maybe it's a tabletop in the corner of your living room or in your bedroom. Fill a bulletin board with images of things you love: photos and mementos from trips, ticket stubs from a great show, cherished letters. Small collections of shells, rocks, and candles are simple things that are good for your soul. 
Designer Stephen Saint-Onge, New York City.

Add a Layer of Texture 

Anything with texture adds dimension. Nubby fabrics and textured wool area rugs make a room cozy. 
Designer Patricia Gaylor, Little Falls, New Jersey

Make it Your Own 

Warmth can also come from personalization. Displaying a collection or hanging family photos in unusual frames -- anything that gives a room your personal touch -- is meaningful. 
Designer Patricia Gaylor, Little Falls, New Jersey.

Sprinkle on Spicy Colors 

Reds, burgundies, or golds instantly transform a plain room. You don't have to paint the walls; you can add these tones in the drapes, furniture, pillows, rugs, or art. 
Designer Patricia Gaylor, Little Falls, New Jersey.

Cover Those Windows 

Drapes warm up a space. If you currently have wood blinds or mini-blinds, consider changing those for a fabric Roman shade, or even better, add floor-to-ceiling drapes. The fabric softens the room and adds glamour. 
Designer Erinn Valencich, Los Angeles.

Think Accessories 

It's all in the accessories. If a room is empty, it's going to feel cold and unwelcoming. Style every table with personalized vignettes: Choose a few special items, keeping in mind that contrasts in shape and texture work best. I always look for funky, slightly off-the-wall pieces at antiques stores and flea markets. These have the most personality and are conversation-starters when put on display. 
Designer Erinn Valencich, Los Angeles.

Light Up 

Candles bring mood and character to a space. To avoid the risk of fire, try battery-operated flameless candles (look for versions made with real wax); they emit a nice warm glow. 
Designer Patricia Gaylor, Little Falls, New Jersey.

Go the Extra Mile 

Place a luxurious throw over a chair or a couch. I always include a high-quality throw in all my clients' family rooms. 
Designer Carla Lane, Los Angeles

Chalkboard Projects :Easy Ideas

Liven up your living quarters with these sophisticated yet simple chalkboard paint projects.
I hope you like it .. Enjoy  !!

Name Frame

 Upcycle a plain wooden photo frame with chalkboard paint. Prime the frame, then paint on a coat of chalkboard paint (Krylon and Rust-Oleum both have great color options). Let dry. Use chalk to update the caption as you change the photo.

Chalk Magnet 

Vintage mirrors with great shapes abound at flea markets. Score one for a few dollars, then transform it into a sophisticated message center. Remove the mirror from its frame, or use painter's tape to cover the frame. Spray several coats of magnetic spray paint on the mirror. Let dry between each coat. Then apply a layer of chalkboard paint and let dry.

On Tray

Up the elegance factor at your dinner party or wedding table by converting a vintage platter into a beautiful menu display. Trace the oval base of your platter onto a thick piece of paper. Cut out the oval and center it on top of the platter, then trace an oval guide for the paint. (If the platter has a central oval edge, you have a built-in guideline.) Use a steady hand and a small brush to stroke chalkboard paint inside the edges of the guideline. Roll the center with chalkboard paint using a small smooth-surface foam roller.

Vanity Lesson

Turn an old medicine cabinet into a sweet spot for lists and notes. First, remove the mirror or inner panel. (If you can't remove the mirror or panel, cute a piece of chipboard to fit.) Paint the mirror or your chipboard piece with two coats of chalkboard paint, allowing each coat to dry between applications. Tip: If you use a mirror, prime the surface first. Pop the mirror back in, or use Krazy Glue to secure the chipboard cutout in place. Use chalk to spell out the day's duties.

Scheduling Pains

Transform a six-panel window into a home office calendar to ease your planning pains. Each day of the workweek is assigned a frame, and the sixth makes room for extra notes or magnets. Tape off the wooden frame with painter's tape. To make your calendar magnetic, spray several coats of magnetic spray paint on the front of the glass, allowing each coat to dry between applications. Then paint each pane with chalkboard paint using a paintbrush to edge and a small foam roller for smooth surfaces.

Clever Containers

Add a little erasable oomph to your kitchen canisters with repositionable vinyl stickers that accept chalk marks (check dickblick.com and wallies.com for colorful options). Use a punch to cut out the labels. Remove the paper backing and position the label on the glass or wooden canister. The labels are easy to rechalk as you change their contents.

Mix it Up

You can find chalkboard paint at almost any crafts or art store or home center. But if you're longing for a hue that's not available on store shelves, concoct your own. To create your own custom color of chalk-ready paint, simply combine 1 cup latex paint in your desired shade with 2 tablespoons of unsanded tile grout. Use a paint stirrer to mix. During application, gently sand the dry layers of paint between coats with 150-grit sandpaper. Apply several coats for best color.

How to Make a Halloween entry and welcome trick

Add some personality to your entry and welcome trick-or-treaters with a pumpkin topiary in the shape of a totem pole. All it takes is a few faux pumpkins, basic craft supplies and a little imagination.

Materials Needed:
  • 3 faux pumpkins
  • spool of 3/8" wide black craft ribbon
  • black acrylic craft paint
  • white acrylic craft paint
  • small craft paintbrush
  • hot glue gun and glue sticks
  • pumpkin-carving tool or sharp knife 

Select Pumpkins

Select three similarly shaped faux pumpkins.

Cut Hole

Use a sharp knife or pumpkin-carving knife to cut a hole in the bottom of the first pumpkin. Make sure the hole is big enough for the stem of the second pumpkin to fit into. Repeat this step on the bottom of the second pumpkin.

Adhere Ribbon

Cut random lengths of craft ribbon and hot glue them to each of the pumpkins to form mouths.

Paint Eyes

Paint eyes on each of the pumpkins using a small paintbrush and some black and white acrylic paint.

Hot Glue Pumpkins

Use hot glue to attach the first pumpkin to the second and the second pumpkin to the third.

Modern Sofas For Living Room

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Modern Sofas For Living Room

Low-Cost Updates Ideas To Freshen Your Bedroom

Updating your bedroom's look with these easy ideas. I hope you like it ,, Enjoy !!!

Bring Color to the Bedroom 

If you keep your bedroom's walls and furniture neutral, it's easy to add bursts of color whenever and wherever you wish. Pick one or two colors you love and then repeat the hues in vibrant artwork, bold bedding, and colorful accents.

Incorporate Textures 

Touch is a huge part of creating comfort. In a bedroom, texture becomes comfort you can feel. It's easy to alter a bedroom's texture with a change of linens--use a furry throw in winter and cotton throw in summer.

Textures suit any taste. Here are a few to consider for your bedroom style:
Traditional: Hand-tufted rugs, woven wools, tooled silver, cut crystal, gilded frames, silk, china, and polished wood.
Country: Braided rugs, worn wood, rusted metals, chenille spreads, ironstone pottery, blown glass, and ticking.
Romantic: Velvet, furry throws, crystal prisms, embroidered fabrics, lace, painted furniture, and hand-hooked rugs.
Modern: Laminated-plywood furniture, plastic, smooth leather, stainless steel, terrazzo flooring, and teak.

Switch Out Accent Pillows 

Accent pillows let you quickly alter the personality of a room and shift the balance of color. They're especially powerful used in a bedroom because the bed is a natural focal point. Pillows can update a room instantly by adding volume, pattern, texture, color, and personality.
Here, a subtle backdrop of cream and blue is brought into intense focus with a collection of lively pillows. Raspberry and sky-blue accent pillows pull the wall color and accent color together perfectly. Bold striped neckroll pillows add variety and interest to the grouping.

Update the Headboard 

A dramatic headboard can add instant impact. You'll find a wide variety of new headboards available at all price points, but consider customizing your existing headboard or using an unexpected salvaged piece for a low-cost option.
Here, a large salvaged door finds new life as a headboard. Its generous size provides a bonus by blocking light, creating a cozy, private retreat.

Update Window Treatments

To set a mood, use draperies and classic swags for a formal look, curtains and shades for an informal look, and simple blinds for contemporary appeal. Consider lining--room-darkening or insulating--that suits the treatment and your needs.

Bring In the Right Amount of Light 

General overhead lighting is less important in bedrooms. Instead focus on bedside lamps and other sources of accent lighting to turn a bedroom into an inviting, comforting retreat. And the type of light is important, too--something as simple as replacing an old light bulb with a warm-spectrum fluorescent might provide just the freshness your bedroom needs.

 Try On Bold New Bed Linens 

Nothing looks and feels fresher than new bedding. If you love the idea of new bedding but are short on storage space for bulky comforters and quilts, consider a duvet, switching out the duvet cover every season.

Try a New Direction 

To give your bedroom a decorative lift without spending a dime, angle the bed from a corner. If your present headboard looks too bulky for this arrangement, replace it with a salvaged iron gate or a shorter upholstered panel.

Create Drama 

Add drama with contrasts. In this chic bedroom, drama is created through size and color.
The eye is immediately drawn to the hanging globe fixture. The large size creates instant drama. And the contrast between the rich chocolate-brown walls and white trim and bedspread is made extra striking when paired with a splash of lime green.

Paint the Ceiling 

Here's a quick and easy way to create a cozy feel in your bedroom: Paint the ceiling the same color as your walls. Without a visual break between ceiling and walls, the room feels smaller and more intimate.
Here, robin's-egg blue creates a soothing backdrop for a serene, sophisticated retreat.

Add Architectural Detail 

Used in combination or alone, trim, molding, and wainscoting offer nearly endless design options. Depending on the style of the room, the effect may be casual or formal, rustic or defined, traditional or contemporary. But in every case, millwork surface treatments can add charm and texture to a room.
In what started as a cookie-cutter bedroom, classic flat-panel wainscoting adds structural appeal to a long expanse of wall. Combined with the light wall color, the effect is subtle yet satisfying.

Mix and Match Furnishings

A perfectly matched bedroom--the dresser goes with the bed and the corresponding nightstand, and bedding from the same collection--can become stale if the look is too uniform. Wake up a tired bedroom with an eclectic blend of fabrics and furnishings.

Add Pattern 

Pattern, like color, exerts an emotional pull that can jumpstart a decorating style. Whether you gravitate toward crisp stripes, bold florals, or classic toile, pattern can be used to liven up a space.
Add a dash of pattern to an otherwise patternless room by draping a quilt or duvet across the foot of the bed, as shown here. A bold, geometric pattern creates an instant focal point in the black-and-white room.

Update Closet Doors 

In many bedrooms, closet doors take up a significant amount of wall space. Why not replace the bulky, utilitarian sliding doors with something you'll enjoy waking up to every day?
Here, sliding closet doors were replaced with chic French doors. Mirrored panels hide closet clutter and give the room more visual space.

Add Wallpaper to a Select Spot

Try paneling a single wall or one section of a wall with a favorite wallpaper. It's a sure-fire way to call attention to a seating area or to add pattern without the expense of papering an entire room.
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