New IKEA Storage Decorating Ideas 2012 Catalog

IKEA Modern Storage Decorating Design Ideas 2012 , Here is a collection of designs Storage from IKEA   2012 catalog , IKEA Storage is to look modern and stylish. Many people are using the IKEA  Storage design, because the design is simple, easy in maintenance and certainly do not need to pay that much. Some people say this Storage design is perfect and has its own characteristics compared with other designs.

You can find ideas on how upgrade your existing  Storage , I hope you like it . Enjoy !

Red Kitchen Decorating Ideas 2012

This collection of red-accented kitchens shows how to incorporate the color into your own space.
I hope you like it . Enjoy !
Kitchen with Vibrant Cabinets 

Before remodeling, almost everything about this kitchen was white: walls, trim, cabinets, and countertops. Two coats of red paint followed by a black glaze and varnish coat made the kitchen cabinets more interesting, as did installing new leaded-glass doors .

Italian Red Kitchen 

The couple who remodeled this kitchen once lived in Italy, and they wanted to bring the rich red they saw there into their American kitchen. The wall color creates a strong backdrop for the natural-maple cabinetry, black granite countertops, and stainless-steel appliances .

Rustic Red Kitchen

The lively red hue on the base of the 9-foot-long island and the tall pantry was a look these homeowners found in a designer showroom. The Colorado Rockies inspired the use of pine cabinetry and reclaimed barnwood flooring. Together, the red, pine, and barnwood present a comfortable and homey feeling .

Kitchen with Farmhouse Style

The barnlike roominess of this farmhouse-style kitchen called for bold design strokes, beginning with the color palette. Barn red plays a big part, seen here on the furniture-look cabinetry with a well-worn finish, complemented by soft yellow on the walls and the black-based island .

Kitchen with Red and Yellow Accents 

Racy red powers this remodeled kitchen, which combines a '50s industrial look with sleek contemporary finishes. The upper cabinets were outfitted with doors made of stainless steel and industrial glass (note the embedded wire). The rug and chair fabric pick up on the red inside cabinets and on the lower cabinet faces .

Red Kitchen Cabinets

Age-old colors beautifully backdate this new country home's kitchen. The red cabinets work with the black countertop, farmhouse sink and backsplash, and white pine table. The table was stained to create a timeworn, sun-faded finish .

Kitchen Design Details 

Keeping boring at bay was an important goal in this kitchen makeover, and the deep red walls are one of the details that made it possible. A fleck of red shows up in the honed granite countertops, which the wall color accentuates .

Kitchen with Green and Red Accents 

The owner of this old stone house had definite ideas about decorating her new kitchen to match the rest of the house. She aged the new cabinets with a coat of green paint topped with a red-crackled finish, then distressed the finish with sandpaper before topping it off with a black glaze and a coat of urethane .

Kitchen with Garnet Range 

A garnet-red range creates an instant pop of color in this historic home. The backsplash above the range is decorated with stained-glass tile that echoes the range. Together, they define a hot color palette that dramatizes the cooking station .

2012 Family Home Decorating Ideas

Splash of Color

Early on, Keiser suggested a palette of pale blue and wheat. But when the homeowners craved more color, Keiser added bright orange lamps and pillows to the living room, then repeated the cheerful accents throughout the house. Pale walls, neutral upholstery, bright orange accents, and see-through surfaces such as glass end tables keep the living room light and inviting.

Balance in Pairs 

Like the couple's life, the house flexed to meet the needs of the new baby. In the living room, treated fabrics take the worry out of messy fingers and muddy paws not to mention the occasional wine spill. "To make a room feel balanced, I like to do things in pairs," says designer Kelly Keiser. Damask wing chairs flank the fireplace, and twin ottomans serve as both seating and pull up tables.

Wall Art: Think Big

To achieve the impact of a large piece of art, the couple hung multiple small frames close together. In keeping with the light look of the space, small prints were used in the art display to give impact without being overbearing. The small butterfly prints don't fill the frames, leaving plenty of space within the frames for crisp white mats that give the wall art display a sense of airiness. Black frames add just the right amount of drama.

Grab and Go

A narrow trestle table serves as a landing spot for keys, mail, and grocery lists. The table fits neatly inside the front door, and its slender profile doesn't block traffic. Because the tabletop surface is minimal, it can only hold so much, which helps prevent a pileup of clutter.

Wall of Memories

Family photographs and mementos that had been gathering dust were turned into a meaningful wall display. The display tells the family's story so far and is flexible enough to allow for whatever changes life brings.

Comfortable Dining

Upholstered high-back chairs offer guests a comfortable place to linger for another glass of wine or coffee and desserts. If you fall in love with a fabric that isn't kid-friendly, send the entire bolt to be sprayed with a stain-resisting treatment such as Nano-Tex. To minimize wear and tear, Keiser had matching covers sewn to protect the parts of upholstery that get the most use, such as the top of an ottoman or the headrests of dining room chairs. These extra covers slip over the furniture and can be easily removed for laundering.

Convenient and Cute

In the kitchen, plans for a wet bar were scrapped in favor of an antique school bench. Located by the back door, it's a handy place to drop the diaper bag or groceries.

Outside Influences 

A glimpse of the Golden Gate Bridge through the bedroom window suggested the reddish-orange color for bedding and draperies. The bay windows let in plenty of natural light, but layers of window treatments offer options for controlling the flow of light. Roman shades can be lowered to diffuse some of the light coming in from the outside, and drapery panels can be drawn to block the light even more.

Matching Patterns 

Unified patterns of different scales create an elegant, tailored look. In this bedroom, a small-scale circle pattern dots the window draperies, and a medium pattern does the same on the Roman shades. Bedding with a large-scale circular pattern completes a harmonizing trio of patterns. For serenity's sake, the walls were kept neutral, and for design's sake, they were given a subtle, yet special treatment. Cream colors the walls above the molding, and taupe colors the walls below the molding. The slight shift in color adds dimension and character to the space.

2013 Traditional Living Room Decorating Ideas from BHG

If you're trying to choose the best traditional living room furniture, you may think about the colors and patterns that meet your preference and will blend with the rest of your home.
You may want to consider which style you like as well. The best traditional living room furniture will fit into your living room and allow the room to look spacious. You should also give some thought to durability and comfort. Price can be a factor as you compare furniture sets.

 Some people see their living room as the focus of their home. Your traditional living room furniture should be a pattern or color that you enjoy and that will set the theme of the house. You may want to go with solid colored furniture and use decorative pillows and paintings to give the room more texture. You could also choose a patterned fabric for the furniture and use solids to decorate the rest of the room. Many people will mix and match solids and patterns to create the best living room.

You may have a specific style in mind for your traditional living room furniture. Some people prefer a black and white living room, while others enjoy splashes of color such as an art deco living room. Depending upon the rest of the house, you may enjoy a themed living room. This could include a country living room or a contemporary living room.

Get inspired by this ideas . I hope that you will find it useful for you ... Enjoy it !!

Elegant, traditional furnishings complement the ornate architecture of this formal living.

This generous family room is filled with places to gather for good conversation or simply relax. The coveted spot is a perch on the window seat spanning the wall of glass with a great view.

The homeowner took inspiration from her wardrobe favorites to outfit her fashion forward living room in muted spice tones with splashes of turquoise. She balanced solids and patterns like she would her attire and used details such as a colorful tassel trim on the curtains to pull the room together like a stylish scarf puts the finishing touch on an outfit.

The space off the kitchen in this active home truly needed to function as a "family" room—where busy kids could romp or pass through from the outdoors, and Mom and Dad could enjoy fuss free living. The answer was deep, dirt disguising colors and wipeable and washable materials, all with a stylish finish.

A whimsical paper lantern light fixture plays up the Asian influence accents that add character to this traditionally furnished sitting room. Orange and red pieces pop against the playful green walls.

Reversing the traditional role of neutral walls with colored furnishings, this living room boasts a soft green backdrop that shows off upholstery pieces in tailored linen color fabrics. A punch of color and pattern on the ottoman coffee table draws the green into the room.

Artful do it yourself projects take this sitting room from plain Jane to personality packed. Wallpaper scraps become graphic pieces of framed art, fabric dresses up a simple lampshade, and a little paint and upholstery elbow grease updates a flea market find footstool.

This cozy cottage living room came together with easy do it yourself projects. Slipcovers breath new life into outdated chairs (one was simply sewn from a canvas drop cloth). Sunny punches of bright yellow energize the classic blue and white scheme and add modern graphic interest fashioned from white paint on yellow fabric.

An oversize ottoman functions as extra seating, a cozy footrest, and a catch all for a variety of small accessories in this stylish living space.
Golden damask draperies add a splash of contrast to the room's cool color palette.

Discreet storage packed into a couple core furniture pieces, such as the coffee table and sofa table, adds great functionality to this family room gathering hub.
A color palette of dusty sky blue and pumpkin orange is accented by a chocolate brown to create a scheme that's classic, yet family oriented.

A modern coffee table and chair slipcovered in lime velvet give this formal living room a youthful energy, while yards of neutral color fabric subtly soften the large windows.

Bold red accents add depth and character to the neutral walls and furniture in this living room.
A variety of patterns and textures blends effortlessly throughout the space since each piece features the same red hue.

Mixing cheery with serious colors creates a sophisticated, playful vibe. The living room's serious side resides within the cool gray walls, sofa, and area rug and the navy club chairs. All the furniture circulates around a striking yellow ottoman, creating an intimate conversation area. Bold pattern accent pillows bring all of the room's colors together, while chrome accessories add subtle sparkle.

Small Kitchen New Decorating Ideas 2012

Colorful solutions , smart storage and cabinetry tweaks can add big character to small kitchens.
 Hopefully you get new ideas to beautify your Kitchen in the house. I hope you like it . Enjoy !

Color-Coordinated Cabinetry 

Selecting a different hue for upper and lower cabinets is a great way to help a small kitchen break out of its boxy mold. A sunny yellow keeps the wall cabinets in this kitchen feeling light and airy, while blue base cabinets anchor the room. A yellow island helps balance the color-blocking scheme. Painted crown molding takes the color scheme right up to the ceiling.

Hide Kitchen Clutter

 Try a nifty panel system in an open floor plan. There's nothing relaxing about sitting down to dinner with a stack of dirty pots and pans staring back at you. But when dining or living space opens directly off a small kitchen, what choice do you have? Stain-resistant all-weather fabric easily slides closed to hide this kitchen's prep area while leaving the oversize island open for dining.

Add an Island 

An antique table injects instant charm and serves as an island in this kitchen. It acts as a rustic counterpart to the new cabinetry. The table introduces valuable prep space where a cook can work without the worry of overhead cabinets getting in the way.

Behind Glass Doors 

Glass cabinet doors help to visually open up a small kitchen, but if you're not the type to keep things looking neat and tidy, consider frosted glass. It adds an opaque quality while still brightening the space. If you'd rather hide the contents of your cabinets, suspend shirred fabric inside traditional glass doors to achieve the same effect and inject a bit of color and pattern at the same time.

Open a Wall

 Open a boxy small kitchen to the rest of the house without a major remodel by cutting a window out of a partition wall. Frame the window in substantial molding, attach a small matching countertop, and slide in two barstools to turn this pass-through into a breakfast nook. Set it off with a display of pretty collectible plates on the wall above the opening.

Simple Cabinet Configuration

Sometimes it's more effective to reorganize existing cabinetry than to gut a small kitchen. Replacing the upper cabinets flanking each side of this window with open shelving makes it feel more open and inviting. Extending the countertop in an L-shape to the refrigerator boosts prep room and storage.

Open to Color 

Open shelving adds a sense of spaciousness to this small kitchen. Getting the look can be as easy as removing doors from existing cabinetry. Paint the inside of the cabinets a favorite hue to create a pretty backdrop for dishes, glassware, and storage baskets.

Vertical Wall Storage 

Avoid a monotonous row of boxy cabinetry by installing upper wall units with varying heights and widths. A variety of tall cabinets provides much-needed storage space in this small kitchen. A wire storage system hangs on the backsplash, organizing spices, seasonings, and utensils. Versatile folding barstools at the peninsula tucks snugly under the bar-height counter.

Cabinetry Makeover 

Give outdated cabinetry a new lease on life with paint, your simplest and most affordable tool in a small kitchen update. Sanded, primed, and painted, the cabinets in this kitchen now gleam apple green on base cabinets and soft teal on upper wall cabinets. Appliances and storage bins in yellow add a citrus pop to the kitchen.

Versatile Island Option 

A rolling kitchen cart becomes a versatile island in this small space. In a modest footprint, the cart offers extra storage and can be wheeled to any corner when not in use. The finish mimics the stainless appliances. White cabinetry, open shelving, black countertops, and a deep stainless-steel sink give the small kitchen a tailored look.

Tiled Backsplash 

Create an eye-catching focal point in a small kitchen without spending a lot by lining the wall behind the range with decorative tile. Most 1x1-inch tiles come already attached to a 12x12 mesh sheets, making installation and custom-fitting easier. Slab cabinetry doors on base units and frosted glass doors above contribute to the clean, and streamlined look of this small kitchen.

Open Shelving 

For a low-cost, high-style backdrop for showcasing your pottery and dishes, consider replacing wall cabinets with shelves. The open wall draws the eye upward, stretching the visual dimensions of a small kitchen. Paint the wall or beaded board an accent color to make the shelving and dishware stand out.
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