2013 Decorating Update with What You Have

Giving your home a decorating update shouldn’t cost an arm and a leg. Lucky for you, we have the best tips and tricks for boosting your home’s style on a budget. Browse these creative ideas and learn how easy it can be to achieve big style without breaking the bank.

Decorating is easy and affordable when you build upon what you already have. See how you can take ordinary items and work them into your decor with a few easy tricks, updates, and simple supplies.

Display favorite memories and photos in a vignette that is personal and welcoming. Get a streamlined look by using fewer photos printed at larger sizes. Use frames you have and paint them the same color for a unified display. Or invest in inexpensive, basic black frames for a polished look.

Bring outdoor pieces inside for an easy addition. Garden stools work just as well indoors as they do on patios and porches for extra seats and drink tables.

Sometimes decorating is just as much about subtraction as it is addition. Examine the inside of your cabinet boxes to determine if they are display-worthy. The insides may need a fresh coat of paint or just a good cleaning. Remove doors and fill any holes with putty and paint or stain to match the cabinet box. Display favorite dishes, utensils, and cookware or large jars filled with pantry staples, such as flour, pasta, and rice, inside the newly exposed cabinet.

If your drapes have enough length, consider moving the curtain rod to the ceiling, which will give the room a greater sense of height. Before you make the move, measure your curtains to make sure they will still graze the floor if you move the rod. If you need a little extra length and your drapes currently hang by a rod pocket, invest in drapery clips, which will make the drapes hang a little bit closer to the floor.

Pillows can be pricey, and if you are getting weary of yours, consider pillow covers in the same size as your existing pillows. The old pillow can act as an insert, and when zipped or buttoned into a fresh cover, no one will know that your new green pillow was once red. If you're handy with a needle and thread, make your own pillow covers.

Bring hardcover books off the shelf for an interesting tablescape or mantel arrangement. Removing dust jackets can reveal a beautiful cover with eye catching colors or designs.

Even decorating basics can look extraordinary with a little embellishment. Wrap rickrack around a lampshade, hang picture frames with ribbon, or attach decorative veneers or gingerbread to plain bookcases.

Incorporate mementos from vacations or special occasions into your decor. The move will integrate your personality and life experiences into the spaces, where they can be admired by guests and family. Whether it's a collection of shells from a beach vacation or a framed wedding invitation or birth announcement, even the simplest of items become display-worthy when they recall a special memory.

Wallpaper, fabric, and wrapping paper remnants are all perfect fodder for lining the backs of boring bookcases or built-ins. Score a discounted material and start lining for an easy, instant update.

Turn a hodgepodge of plates into a fun display. Use items from your own collection and scope out inexpensive companion pieces at thrift stores. Plan out your arrangement before you start hanging to avoid making unnecessary holes in the wall.

Paint is a must have tool for budget decorating. But, this versatile medium is not restricted only to walls. It can also be used to give dated furniture and accessories a much needed lift.

Bring a blanket out of storage to add an extra layer of color to a living room or bedroom. Fold a throw over the back of a sofa or the edge of a bed, allowing any pretty edge detailing, such as trim or fringe, to be visible.

For another way to wake up your bookcases, incorporate objects from throughout your house into the display. That serving platter you love, but never use? A horse figurine from your daughter's past fascination with all things equine? Anything with an interesting shape or design can be a candidate. Look for objects that have commonalities, such as white finishes, to create a more unified display. And resist the urge to add "just one more" item. If you have a large collection, rotate objects in and out from time to time, rather than displaying everything all at once, to ensure the vignette strays from cluttered territory.

Colorful Kitchens Decorating Summer 2013 Ideas

Bored with your pure white kitchen? Try adding a dose of light or bright color to liven up your favorite room. I hope you’ve been inspired by these Colorful Kitchens decorating ideas.I hope you like it , Most of all, have fun with it !!!

Multiuse Room 2013 Decorating Ideas

With flexible furnishings and a little imagination, an extra bedroom shows how to finesse a floor plan, boost square footage, and create a versatile room that's as handsome as it is hardworking. 

By Allison Maze

Adaptable storage and handmade charm transform this spare room into a single do it all space for family and guests. A DIY daybed dressed with throw pillows converts to a bed when guests come knocking. Crate-style cabinets stocked with extra linens pull double duty as nightstands holding an alarm clock, a lamp, books, and decor.

Hairpin legs lend midcentury flair to the bed's custom built platform. The legs create the perfect amount of clearance to tuck away suitcases and extra office items under the bed.

Multiuse rooms are chameleons, able to modify function to fill different needs and often at the drop of a hat. Double duty furniture and a mix of crafty amenities fill this all in one space with purpose, style, and comfort.

To optimize multiuse spaces, focus on incorporating furniture that's both practical and versatile. Moveable pieces such as wheeled bins and carts encourage you to repurpose or simply roll into a corner when floor space is at a premium. Here, a clear acrylic end table wheels up as an extra work surface and neatly tucks away when not in use.

Plush, easy sew accent pillows made from wool felt dress up the DIY daybed and add a layer of comfort in keeping with the room's woodland theme.

A collection of message boards framed with white molding transforms a blank wall into a communication station for guests and family members. A handmade wood and concrete bench anchors the arrangement and provides space for display items. Woven baskets stow reading materials beneath the bench.

A stealthy charging station fashioned from a vintage toolbox keeps phones, music players, and cameras fully charged and cords tangle free. Within the box, a board cut with cord holes covers a power strip. Simply close the box's lid to cover electronic devices and showcase its patinaed charm.

Small, smart touches amplify function throughout the office area. Refinished vintage desk accessories and clever paper management tools make the work area pretty, practical, and productive. Adding a pullout shelf to the cabinet near the computer desk creates an easy to access spot for a printer and paper supplies when they’re needed.

The room’s standard 6 foot wide closet was converted into a hobby station that can be quickly masked behind canvas curtains. A pegboard, paper files, and ribbon dispensers put the wall to work.

Inside the closet, a metal pegboard provides sleek, efficient access to crafts tools and supplies. A wall mount ribbon holder makes gift wrapping a snap. Small buckets of colored pencils stay organized and accessible on a desktop turntable.

Keeping hobby supplies in check is easy with smart storage. Acrylic drawer dividers corral tiny crafts accessories, such as buttons, brads, and stickers. Clear jars identify precut ribbon by color. A container resembling a lunch box serves as a sewing kit with needles, scissors, and thread.

Spring 2013 Centerpieces and Table Settings New Ideas

These beautiful Easter-inspired centerpieces and table settings are perfect for any spring get-together. Mix-and-match our creative ideas for your Easter table or use them as inspiration to create your own display.

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