Jewellery Store Interior Design MICA | SAVVY

MICA is a contemporary jewellery house which specialises in custom made pieces. Its name derives from a group of minerals that are characterised by their malleability which makes them ideal for various uses – some which are purely aesthetic.
Expanding its most basic and primitive character, MICA's identity is based on the amorphic nature of the rocks, the asymmetry of their profiles and their unique existence – no two rocks are alike – making all of MICA's pieces truly unique.

The interior spaces are based on an extensive grid system, strongly influenced by the work of Sol Lewitt, particularly his "Variations of Incomplete Open Cubes". The displays, exclusively conceived and produced for MICA, offer an organic contrast against the more rigid backdrop of the space they are contained in.........more about the store interior design

Retail Interior Design | HITGallery store | Hong Kong | Interior Studio Novembre

The HITGallery stores capture the essence and spirit of Italy in wonderful new ways. Taking inspiration from the paintings of Giorgio De Chirico, from the surreal atmospheres he created through the distortion of perspectives, we developed open squares “Italian piazza mode” where we can meet and gather to fathom the enigmas of our existence and to ideally rethink Italy’s role and effective identity in the contemporary world.

Upon entering the concept store in Hong Kong, people will promptly notice the strong Italian imprint of the architectural design’s classical matrix: symmetrical structure, row of arches, one dominant hue offset by two tone flooring.

The color defining the walls “a neutral shade bordering between green and sky or cerulean blue” defies classification, so becoming the ideal backdrop for all the brands sold in the store.......more about the store interior design

Fabulous Porches Decorating Ideas For Summer 2013

Porch Decorating Ideas 
For us, the porch is one of the most important rooms in the house. We do most of our entertaining there. Living in Florida, many of my clients feel the same way. When looking for porch decorating ideas, approach it just as you would an interior room. Think about how the space will be used and who will be using it. Some questions to ask yourself:
What type of seating do you need?
Do you need a dining table?
What type of lighting do you need?
Do you need to create more privacy via curtains or blinds?
Also consider the architectural style of your home and incorporate elements when decorating your porch. The colors you choose should coordinate with the exterior colors of the home. If the porch and indoor living areas open up to one another, consider your home’s interior color scheme as well.

I hope you’ve been inspired by these porch decorating ideas. Before you start decorating your porch, think about how you envision using it. Borrow ideas from other rooms and see what you can do to incorporate them in your design. Most of all, have fun with it!

 By : Peggy Pardo

Ribbon Projects 2013 Decorating Ideas

Use ribbon to add personalized flair to furniture, accessories and more. Start with ribbons in patterns and colors that match your room's decor and get embellishing!

Strips of grosgrain ribbon add style to this small reading nook. Durable ribbon adorning the chair helps highlight its curvy figure. Apply Sealah tape (available online) in short intervals to the back of the ribbon, pressing it onto the chair as you go. Jazz up a plain lampshade with short bits of ribbon adhered to the shade in random intervals (again, use Sealah tape to affix the strips). A single strip of ribbon around the perimeter of the side table ties each piece together.

Lengths of shimmering gold ribbon used on objects throughout this office space add oodles of character. Affix bits of ribbon to the top and bottom of a plain lampshade to add stylish flair. Use the same ribbon around the base of a slipcover to tie the whole look together.

When curtain panels won't fit or aren't necessary, try a simple rectangular valence to add softness and a splash of color. Use lengths of coordinating ribbon to tie it up and add dimension.

Use this snappy project to add character to a plain journal. Simply glue one end of the ribbon (any pattern or color will do) to the bar on the buckle and wrap around the journal and through the buckle, snipping a hole for the prong. Use a no fray product to keep the hole and ribbon end from fraying.

A collection of ribbon scraps and a metal tension rod are all you'll need to re-create this wispy window treatment. Simply gather an assortment of lengths of ribbon (we chose sheer pastel fabrics) and tie them to the top of the tension rod. The pieces can be easily switched out as decorating tastes and trends change.

Breathe new life into a tired chair with this creative ribbon project. To re-create the look, remove the seat cushion and weave layers of ribbon over the top of the cushion. Secure the ends underneath the cushion with nails, glue, or heavy duty tape. When you're pleased with the placement of the ribbons, place drops of fabric glue on the underside of the ribbons to secure.

Spruce up a plain-Jane place mat with lengths of colorful ribbon. The two types of ribbon used to embellish this place mat feature hues that complement the bold colors featured on the dishware. Use fabric glue to affix the strips of ribbon to the mat.

Use up those scraps of old ribbon that are cluttering your wrapping supplies, and create a pretty tablescape in no time. Here, bits of green ribbon in varying hues work together as a funky and fun alternative to an ordinary tablecloth.

Lengths of pink, yellow, and black ribbon around the perimeter of this dining table give the piece standout style. Bits of ribbon affixed to the matte around a nearby art print unifies both pieces.

Strips of brightly colored ribbon add flair to this console table. The strips along the top and base of the table run horizontally, while the pieces on the legs run vertically to emphasize the object's height.

Pantry Pictures : HGTV Dream Home 2013

Borrowing the kitchen's color palette and visible from both kitchen and great room, the pantry offers storage and food prep space.

 About the Pantry

Making the most of every square inch of space, the design/build team carved out a food storage room in an area originally earmarked as an elevator shaft. The room's design motif is predicated on the oversized trellis pattern of the counter skirt material. India ink dog portraits by artist Christina Hewson complete the clean, graphic design.

Easy Solutions To Decorate A Small Space 2013 Storage Ideas

What can you do with just 600 square feet? An super efficient floor plan containing a great room, bedroom, and full bath, cleverly constructed cabinets, and multifunctional furniture makes this small one-story home live large.

Decorated in crisp white and blue with pops of spring green, the inviting open living area not only serves as living, dining, kitchen, and work space -- it can also host up to three guests thanks to a trundle bed/bench squeezed into a window niche and a traditional pullout sofa. An ottoman serves as a coffee table with hidden storage beneath its upholstered lid.

Drawers pull out from under the daybed to reveal clever storage for games when the homeowner is entertaining. Store items near the place you are most likely to use them for an easy and convenient way to stay organized.

A wall-hung TV frees up space for media equipment on shelves below. Storage baskets mix the room's color palette  green and blue  and add more pattern, playfulness, and storage to the room.

With the help of wall-mount file pockets and a portable file box, a small table in a corner of the living room easily goes from dining to an impromptu office. Swivel stools tuck neatly under the table when not in use, saving space in the small quarters.

Hallways are for more than navigating through a space. By borrowing just a little square footage from surrounding rooms and making the hallway wider, you can greatly multiply storage options. Here, floor-to-ceiling shelves line the walls surrounding the curtained bedroom entry. Or, if you already have a wide hallway, consider adding banks of shelves around the doorway or at the end of a passageway. Add cabinet doors to lower shelves for hidden storage.

The petite bedroom features two skinny closets that flank the entry and four deep drawers below the bed. A bounty of baskets and boxes adds another layer of shipshape organization to this miniature marvel.

A nightstand-headboard at one end of the bed packs extra storage under the eaves, while four drawers built into the base of the bed store folded clothes and shoes without taking up additional floor space.

A pair of narrow closets provides ample storage for clothing and shoes. Baskets corral socks and shoes, while hooks for laundry and tote bags maximize back-of-the-door space.

Don't skimp on style when outfitting a small space with storage. Find solutions that blend beauty and function. In the bathroom, a vanity features storage for bath items in the cabinet and on an open shelf below. A pair of pretty glass canisters house cotton balls and swabs.

Cabinets in the hallway near the kitchen house office supplies. A bamboo stationery holder, stacking flip-top bins, and an acrylic organizer stash small items such as paper clips, pens, and computer cords, while larger canvas bins hold notepads, printer paper, file folders, and gift-wrapping supplies.

Open shelving, small scale cabinets, and a slender pantry work together to create an efficient galley kitchen featuring a two-burner cooktop and a sink. Baskets hold bulk items and take advantage of the extra space near the ceiling, while boxes above the cooktop contain dish towels and napkins.

The pantry keeps the microwave and toaster ovens hidden yet accessible. Baskets and wooden bins hold packaged food and beverages on adjustable shelves; clear acrylic canisters provide airtight storage for snacks. Sets of canisters come in uniform sizes so they can stack together nicely, the way a hodgepodge of food packages often don't.

Entry Hall Pictures : HGTV Dream Home 2013

About the Entry Hall

Walls painted a soothing shade of coastal blue create a warm welcome in the entry, where a beadboard-clad ceiling lends New England charm. A sisal-style durable hall rug leads to a cozy recessed daybed, where guests may sit and kick off shoes before entering the home's main living space. Floor-to-ceiling curtains, when drawn, create a napping cocoon. This "cozy focal point" and its surrounding accents, says interior designer Linda Woodrum, hint at the home's overall design scheme.

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