Retail Interior For Mariloé | Frankfurt | Heilbronn | Cologne | Stuttgart | Designed By Dittel Architects

Client: fashionflows GmbH
The Mariloé brand of the fashionflows Group.
For the grand opening, DITTEL - Architekten developed the brand’s own corporate shop design, which will also be used for four other locations this year. In its raw form, the polished concrete floor forms a contrast to the walls and the glossy shop fittings, all of which are made of a uniform material, so as not to detract from the products.

All the bags are presented in backlit niches and are positioned so as to create a consistent appearance. Two integrated mirrors allow customers to try the bags. The closed-off areas serve as a place to store the products on offer. mariloé’s own jewellery is displayed on acrylic tubes at the entrance and on centrally positioned units.....more
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