Hotel Interior Design | Yotel Compact Hotel Concept | Studio Conran

" We were asked to conceive, develop and productionise ‘Compact Cabin’ hotels for Heathrow, Gatwick and Schiphol airports. We had to create a system of component parts that enabled the concept to be rolled out across the globe and in airport sites and city centres alike – areas where space is at a premium. The challenge was to create a communality of parts, whilst maintaining a solution appropriate to the needs of the global traveller at business class level of comfort and quality.

Everything you would expect from a luxury hotel in a small space – right inside the airport terminal, accessible from the public areas yet just a moments walk from check in and departure gates.

Two types of cabin were produced, premium and standard. Upper and lower standard cabins nest over each other in an ingenious space-saving way. The styling and ambience were influenced by business class cabins on airplanes to give a premium rather than confined feel; all cabins have showers, toilets and desks with internet access as well as great lighting and video on demand. The high quality materials, finishes and fittings are particularly noticeable. Occupancy rates are in excess of the predicted 100% in the currently completed Yotels, and the developed design has been met with critical acclaim as well as awards."...more
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