Retail Interior | Tavalon Tea | nemaworkshop

Tavalon challenged nemaworkshop to not only to develop an identity for the emerging brand, but more broadly change the way people think about tea. nemaworkshop approached the project from through a series of programmatic studies researching multisensory experiences. The overarching concept takes principles of mixing and infusion, which are integral to tea-making process and reprograms the space accordingly. Above the main counter is a dj, mixing sounds, while below the baristas blend teas for customers. At the scent bar customers can sample aromas in small corked viles and create their own olfactory mixes.

The series of multi-sensory remixes are housed in a narrow-but-tall glossy white space, where long lines of light run vertically and horizontally. These woven bands of illumination transform light into an architectural material which in turn defines the monochromatic space. The atmosphere is a vibrant, not only when the live bongo player is banging away next to the DJ, but on a day-to-day basis. The architectural language is aesthetically subtle but programmatically active, facilitating a plethora of sensory explorations.
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